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Detox and Flat Abs

Mirror mirror on the wall. Who has the flattest abs of them all?

Even before children, it has always been one of my deepest desires to have a slim waist and flat abs.  I’ve never had those ‘perfect’ chiseled abs’ but I have found that when I do a Detox Program, I am much happier with my mid section!  Detoxes are great because they help change your eating habits.

I have an AWESOME 2 week detox program that I want to share with you:

An important factor in this particular detox is FIBER

It is recommended that we eat at least 25 grams per day.  Fiber is the indigestible part of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.  In this program we focus on cutting out bad carbs such as bagels, refined cereals, crackers and white breads.  Instead we chose foods that have more substance (fiber)- for example oatmeal with raisins and almond milk for breakfast.  (filling and healthy!)  The focus of this Detox is eating REAL foods.

Here’s some Tips for adding fiber to your diet:

  • Add it slowly throughout the day to avoid gas
  • Take a digestive aid like EZGest, (http://dianarn.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20633 ) a unique product that helps digest fruits, grains, veggies and beans ((Beans, oats and barley, viscous types of fiber are more prone to cause gas ))
  • Drink the 8 -10 glasses of water everyday

These simple steps can help radically change your diet and eating routine.  The supplements will help support your body while it is releasing these toxins.  Without good natural supplements the body does not adjust as well and could leave you with constant  headaches, aches and pains, rashes, bad breath, etc.  Who wants that?!


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Rhythm of Fall

Hey guys!

Join us as we continue to discover the Rhythm of Fall through food, movement and herbs.

I am starting a 2 week simple detox program in October. If you are interested in joining and want more information- leave a comment or email me dianamaltz@gmail.com

In the mean time-


Here’s a SIMPLE movement you can do when you wake up in the morning for your Lungs:

This Lung and Kidney ‘Slap Exercise’ is a wonderful way to wake up the body any time of day. Repeat the slaps 9 times to charge it up the body!


To help improve your Large intestine: think fiber, water and pre biotic (powder supplement) and pro biotics (pearl like supplement)!

Pro-biotics (Optiflora)are always the first thing I recommend when someone mentions “constipation.” They are great addition to your diet- (helps prevents sinus infection, constipation, even colds and flu by balancing the good and bad bacteria of the gut)

Check out http:zestforlifegreen.com Look under shop and then “Digestive Health”

Fiber Plan Tablets are an easy way to help you get your daily fiber needs. These tabs contain soluble and insoluble fiber. “Roughage” or insoluble fiber is what exercises the colon. The colon muscle needs to work out or we can develop pockets in our colon or diverticulitis.

Check out http:zestforlifegreen.com Look under shop and then “Digestive Health”


As the weather changes so do our Fall food cravings. Our natural instincts lead us to a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold morning or a hot bowl of soup. Why does this feel so natural? The body craves and enjoys foods that are warming.

Here’s 2 healthy and filling (lots of fiber) soup recipes that include root vegetables

(carrots, beets, daikon, rutabaga, turnip, parsnip, radish, sweet potato, and yams).  Try them for a delicious meal!


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Changing Seasons

With visions of beaches still dancing in my head, the seasons still marches on…

I often find myself forgetting how parallel the body- season connection is.  Although my mind is still dreaming of hot summer nights my body is ready for the leaves to fall and a new phase to start again….

As seasons changes- so does our mind and body.  We are very connected to the world and universe around us.  Your lungs and large intestines are affected by this change and time of year.  In order to achieve optimum health according to Chinese tradition we should all be working and changing with the seasons.

To balance the body during Autumn here are some tips:

-Change the types of food you eat

-Work with different supplements to help support the body as it goes through this change

(Here’s some great Apple Cinnamon Fiber Bars that will help with digestion!)

-Use specific Movements and types of breathing

This will help you FLOW into the change instead of fighting it.

During my DETOX program (that begins in October) I will be expanding upon these techniques.

But for today-

Here’s an exercise you can do to help balance your meridians-

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Ah remember your 20s?! These are my beautiful nieces with their long thick hair!  Gorgeous thick healthy hair makes us feel feminine and sexy as a woman.  We all want great hair.

I recently received a few phone calls from my clients freaking out about losing their hair. One woman when she combed her hair and it was coming out in clumps! It’s normal to shed 50-100 hairs per day but clumps are not a good sign…

Hair loss is a symptom of an overall nutrition shortage. Two of the biggest causes of hair loss in women are yo-yo dieting and stress. Both cause nutritional deficiencies with your body…

With stress, you are using up many key nutrients that help with hair growth- (( B-complex, vitamin C, zinc and Protein. )) The amounts you need everyday goes up from 4-10 times!  So when you are stressed you need more of these nutrients for your body to function properly

Here are some suggestions to help with this:

1)  Vitalizer strips,

2) Two Cinch shakes a day

3) Two Essential fatty acid supplements Omegagard and GLA

4) Mental Acuity (which has Gingko) improves Overall circulation

Incorporating all of these elements into your diet you can see results in as little as a month. One woman called me three weeks later to say she is so happy to see only a few hairs on her comb. That is a great sign that things are turning around.

And since I love you…

Some more hair tips:

  • Use a ph balanced shampoo(7) and conditioner ProSante
  • Use a nourishing scalp treatment ProSante since this will effect the healthiness of the hair
  • Brushing hair 100 times a day can be good for hair that is in good condition. It draws the oil through and stimulates circulation. If your hair is in poor condition, brushing can break the strands.

And in Addition–Here is a recipe given to me by my hair stylist, Amy Gerber, to get your hair in tip top shape:

It’s a pre shampoo conditioner, keep in the frig and leave on for 10 minutes twice a week

2 eggs

½ oz castor oil

1 oz witch hazel

1 oz purified water

½ ripe avocado

Try it out!

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