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February is Healthy heart month.  Did you know that every day anxiety, unpredictable stress, and excess weight can ALL put a strain on your heart?!


How happy is your heart?

It’s amazing how much the seasons affect our moods.  Lately I’ve been hearing many of my clients talk about being sad, anxious, tired of the snow, frustrated they can’t keep up with their exercise routine, and angry they didn’t stick with their healthy eating habits.  Winter Blues.  They feel defeated.  And this attitude in NOT helping our poor hearts!

Life is determined by your mind set.  Instead of focusing on the negative properties of winter and putting strain on their hearts- I teach my clients that winter is about REGENERATION.

Ask yourself these questions- Is what I’m currently doing regenerating my energy or depleting it?  Are my intentions making things worse?  Am I focusing on the wrong things?  Many of my clients are constantly focusing on immediate and fast results instead of changing their negative mindset.  Changing the way you think helps you form better long term habits and gives you the life and energy you have always desired.

Your daily mantra should be ‘I’m doing this because I love myself’



Another question to ask yourself is– How do you wake up in the morning?

Are you excited and ready to start a new day?  Or dreading having to go to work?  If you do have this ‘zest for life’ in the mornings–..way to go!  But currently most of us are  stressed out which is not helping our hearts…


I am currently working with clients on a Program called ‘Losing just 10 pounds.’ This program focuses on losing weight in a way that supports their moods and lifestyle.


Here are some benefits of this program:

-Most of you have probably heard that breakfast in the most important meal of the day and this is true but I am also going  to elaborate!  I suggest starting your day off right with a Shaklee Cinch Shake.  This provides you will all the vitamins and nutrients your body need to jump start your day.


(( http://www.cinchplan.com/shaklee ))

I teach my clients to not only start the day off right by eating a healthy meal but to set positive intentions as they approach their tasks.  Instead of sleeping in late and rushing to get ready- set time aside every morning to make breakfast, maybe do a little morning exercise, and get excited about your day.  You’re alive!  Smile.  Humm while you make your bed or make sure you kiss your partner goodbye.  Little things mean a lot and setting up your own simple positive intentions can make all the difference on your heart.

My Program Losing ‘just 10 pounds’ helps you kick start this lifestyle.

Don’t you dream about a life with more success and ease?!

It’s too stressful to always be fighting with yourself!


Give your heart some LOVE.  Start Today.  What do you have to lose?! (Besides 10 lbs! ((too easy-had to go there))


This information is  just the tip of the iceberg– Contact me if you are interested in learning more about this Program!






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Confession:  I’m an emotional eater.


That’s right.  You heard me-  As much as I am into health and nutrition I sometimes still turn to food as my best friend.  I’m currently reading Brad Lamm’s new book, “Just 10 pounds.”  Brad is a regular contributor to the Dr. Oz show and in this book he offers a quiz to test if you an emotional eater.  Although I scored rather high I found out that most of us are emotional eaters!

How can we change this?!

Here’s some of the steps I take when I’m working with my clients.

– Journaling WHAT they are eating and HOW they feel when they are eating.  (No judgment!  The most common time people eat out of boredom is between 7pm-10pm)  After they journal I set up a consultation with them to go over their lifestyle habits.

–  A lot of craving come from not eating properly.  Eating a nutritionally dense breakfast will start your day off right and help you avoid the emotional ups and downs that sugar cravings create.  I recommend starting your day off with a Shaklee Cinch shake (not only are these packed with everything you need they taste AMAZING- like a milk shake that’s actually good for you!)


(( http://www.cinchplan.com/shaklee ))

Set yourself up for success:: I know you love them but AVOID the sugary beverages (chai, latte, cappuccinos, etc)  first thing in the morning.  This will put your body off balance.  You will feel really great for about an hour but once the sugar rush goes away you’ll ‘need’ and crave more sugary items. ( Instead the Cinch shake taste just as good but is well rounded to keep you full and on top of your game!)

Create a life you are excited about.  What do you love to do?!  Emotional eating is out of boredom a lot of the time.  Instead of sitting in front of the tv with your bag of popcorn you should be active and find groups you want to join!  Being with other people and sharing common interest will give you a natural high instead of a sugar high.

Exercise. When you are active and moving you can’t grab for food and you release endorphins which create a natural high.  This doesn’t mean having to run for 30 minutes at a gym.  This means doing what you enjoy (dancing, yoga, walking, etc) preferably with friends!

Sleep. What are your sleeping habits?!  Before going to bed at night it is important to work with the rhythm of your body.  Your body is getting ready to rest and restore but eating that bedtime snack perks your body up and hinders it from going into this cycle. I suggest using a Shaklee Stress Relieve Complex before you go to bed.  This product helps your body relax and restores your regular sleeping cycle.

(( http://dianarn.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=20656 ))


If you have any questions or for more tips email me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


And Don’t forget about my Event!  ‘Bring your Rhythm back’ Sunday, January 30th and learn how small incremental changes can bring Zest back into your life!  There also  be some great FREE treats!

This is YOUR year to LOOK and FEEL your best! - Is Stress dictating your life?  Are you constantly Tired?!  Sick?!   Not Sleeping?! Craving Sweets?!  Come join us to 'bring your Rhythm back' and learn how small incremental changes can bring ZEST back into your life! Cheers! Diana Maltz, RN dianamaltz@gmail.com

For more information about this event Check out this Invite






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Sick Again?!

It’s that time of year again when everyone around me is getting sick.  My husband is sick, my best friend is sick, and I’m not!   Here are some pending questions I’ve been asking myself:

-Why do we always take better care of ourselves when we get sick?

-Is it true that you can get sick if people around you are sick?

I used to be someone who was sick ALL the time!  I have learned throughout the years that taking care of yourself EVERY DAY and making the right choices can determine whether you get sick or not.  For example– some of my clients have shared with me that when they feel like they are coming down with the flu they start feeling tired and reach for a quick energy source (they start craving sweets!)  One of the WORST things you can do is eat a lot of sugar when your immune system is starting to feel out of whack.  Sugar shuts down your immune system so if your exposed to a virus it’s easier to come down with a cold or flu.


My vision is to help people with their day to day practice/habits- to make you more conscious of your choices!


Integrating small changes can make the difference between getting sick and not getting sick.  For example– you should eat a breakfast that is rich in protein.  This will give the immune system the ingredients it needs to fight off foreign invaders! When I work with my clients I focus on how YOU (since everyone is different) implement these changes in your life.


If you are eating right, taking a good food based supplement program, exercising, getting enough rest, and enjoying your life you will be less likely to get sick (even though those around you are!)


Sound simple?!

If you are already feeling under the weather-

How to fight the flu naturally the Shaklee way!

  • Shaklee Vita C SR
Sustained Release Vita-C 500 mg
protects your immune system by releasing Vitamin C slowly over a 5 hour period

  • Shaklee Immunity Formula I-
Immunity Formula I

a combination of 8 nutrients

proven to support the immune system and increase the

activity of T Cells (those are the white blood cells that gobble

up germs)


  • NutriFeron-
    this amazingly effective formulation of 4 plant extracts gently enhance the activity of white blood cells and helps the body produce more interferon—naturally—it is probably one of the simplest and most effective products you can take during winter to prevent illness


  • Shaklee Defend and Resist
Defend & Resist Complex

this not only contains Echinacea but also larchtree extract and elderberry—these 2 herbs
surround virus’ and help prevent them from reproducing. You
do not take this product daily—but only when you’re under attack and then you use this product for 6 days



If you have any questions or for more tips email me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


And if you live in the NYC area- Come join me to ‘Bring your Rhythm back’ Sunday, January 30th and learn how small incremental changes can bring Zest back into your life!

This is YOUR year to LOOK and FEEL your best! - Is Stress dictating your life?  Are you constantly Tired?!  Sick?!   Not Sleeping?! Craving Sweets?!  Come join us to 'bring your Rhythm back' and learn how small incremental changes can bring ZEST back into your life! Cheers! Diana Maltz, RN dianamaltz@gmail.com

For more information about this event Check out this Invite


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Through my practice I want to help you

LOOK and most importantly FEEL your best!

There are many diets out there that focus on FAST solutions (The Grapefruit Diet, The Master Cleanse, etc.)   The reality of losing weight is not the case- fast is not necessarily efficient and can ultimately set your back.


The process of losing weight and feeling better about yourself should be a loving and empowering experience.  If you cut a lot of things out of your life (carbs for example) your not going to stick to the program!


My weight loss secret is that I focus not only on Nutrition BUT ALSO on Movement!  (Notice I didn’t say exercise)  I think that it’s important to pay attention to what your eating and the portion size and also add a mixture of Chi Kung, Yoga, and Dance into your daily life.


This is fabulous time to take a look at what you did well in the last year, it can be a key to your success this next year.


Start here: What approach did you take in the past?

  • Cut calories ?
  • Exercise 5 days a week ?
  • Went Vegetarian
  • Weight Watcher’s
  • Jenny Craig


Here are some little known issues that sabotage most of those weight loss resolutions


  • 33 % of women do not get enough protein!   Not enough protein means not enough muscle (tone) which in turn lowers your metabolism.  A Protein deficiency can also cause fatigue, loss of hair, aches and pains, and getting sick too often.  I have successfully used the Cinch shakes as a way to be sure my client’s get the protein they need, specifically the amino acid leucine. Leucine is what is involved in muscle production (repair and rebuild).
  • https://destressedtozest.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/b20068.gif?w=500



2.    Do you eat 9-11 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday ?  Not enough nutrients can damage your weight management system. Craving breads and sweets every day is on symptom of this.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell what nutrients we are missing?


In my practice I use a program called the WELLNESS PROFILE.

With this Wellness profile that we will create together I will help you  learn what you are deficient in based on a cluster of symptoms.  I can also help you find out what nutrients you need to re-balance your metabolism.   In addition- It also picks up other issues that can be blocking your weight loss like sugar issues, adrenal fatigue (stress), and candida.


Prices are normally $125 for the Initial consultation but for the month of January I am offering a ‘New Year  Special’ for $99.  That’s 20% off!

But it gets even better-  I’m ALSO offering a 1 month Special for $240 (this includes the initial consultation & 4 visits in that month!)  That’s less than $60 a visit!


Next year when your reflecting on 2011- don’t you want to smile?!  I will help you do this!


If you would like to discuss more email me a dianamaltz@gmail.com


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