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Valentine ’s Day is all about love.

The ultimate love you can give yourself is to

make YOU a priority.


Take the time to exercise every day.

Take the time to learn about what you are doing and how to change your habits.

Take the time to talk to someone so you can figure out where you are and where you want to go!


I had a client who considered himself a healthy and strong man.  He recently went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  He was nervous because he has seen how diabetes has limited his family member’s lives.   He called me for guidance on how to regain control of his own life.  I started him on a diet, supplement, and exercise program and within a week he was already feeling better.   Although these mind body changes were an indication he was on the right track I had to remind him that his health needed to be a priority for the rest of his active robust life.


Talking to a health counselor and realizing some of your unhealthy habits can revitalize your life.  Small incremental changes that we sometimes don’t even realize until someone else points out can help give us energy and a zest for life again.  As a nurse and wellness counselor I can help provide support, guidance, accountability to keep you on track. I can help you navigate through obstacles with ease so you can enjoy your full vibrant life.


I would like to invite you to a talk I’m giving about

‘Lower your weight for a Happy and Healthy Heart’

in New York City on February 27.

The event cost $35 dollars but if you mention this blog post and rsvp by Monday February 21st it will only cost you $25!


During this discussion and interaction I will teach/demonstrate some great tips on how to implement simple changes to reduce stress, lower your weight, and have a happy healthy heart!


For questions and to rsvp email me at dianamaltz@gmail.com.

You can also check out my website for more information!






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Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s the day of l-o-v-e.  This holiday is about giving AND receiving love.  Husbands and wives, moms and dads, kids, and even pets get gifts!


Boy is all this love good for your heart and brains!  Take it in : )

New research indicates that the healthier the heart, the better the brain is at getting the blood and oxygen it needs.  More blood and oxygen to the brains allow us to think clearer, make decisions, and stay focused.

On Valentine’s Day we (might) be treating our heart and brain with love BUT it is vital we do this every day!

Your daily choices are very important and affect how your heart and brain operate.  Are you taking the time to eat properly?  To exercise?  To meditate?  To breathe?!

There are so many things we set out to accomplish each day that it can get overwhelming.  Taking daily supplements is a great way to get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function properly.  Knowing that your heart and brain are healthy allows you to focus on other things!

Here’s a list of Supplements that I recommend to take DAILY to stay on top of your game:

-Vivix– (made solely by Shaklee)   Vivix is an Anti-Aging tonic that is a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cellular aging.  Aging is cause by more cells dying off then being replaced.  Vivix repairs cells and increases their energy.  And if you think about it- if a cell doesn’t have energy it is not going to live long!

For more information check out:

( http://bit.ly/gMA41K )

Omegaguard– (fish oil) Brain food and helps with inflammation


(For more information check out:

( http://bit.ly/g2s5iO)

Co Q heartmakes the heart muscle stronger

For more information check out:

B-complex helps with your hormones, hair, skin, nails, & reduces inflammation


For more information check out:

( http://bit.ly/dGsB2y )

Are you taking vitamins?  Are you taking the right ones?  If you interested in learning more lets begin with and appointment to evaluate your Wellness Profile and start your journey for a Healthier, longer, and Zestful life! (There might even be some healthy chocolates in there for you!) DianaMaltz@gmail.com


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