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As a former dancer, exercise has always been a priority in my life.  Every week I was dancing ballet, doing Chi-Kung, and lifting weights.

When I turned 50 I realized that although I was putting in the same amount of effort I wasn’t getting the same results as I did when I was younger!

 Where did my firm arms and narrow waist go?!

 After this realization I was introduced to Shaklee’s Cinch Inch Loss Program.  I met a few people over 50 who had tested out these products and I was very impressed with their results.

 What made this program so different??  How were they able to keep their muscles healthy?

 I learned that the key component of Shaklee’s Cinch Inch Loss Program is Leucine.  Leucine is an essential amino acid that helps trigger muscles growth.  Muscles keep us strong, young, and mobile!

 “Muscle is the absolute centerpiece for being healthy, vital, and independent as we grow older,” said Miriam Nelson, director of the John Hancock Research Center.


 While you exercise your muscle are being broken down and leucine helps trigger the regrowth process.  As you get older your body requires more leucine to rebuild and repair your muscles.  In addition- after age 35 you start losing muscle (at a rate of about ¼ pound every year!)  This explains why I wasn’t getting the same results!

 The bars and Shakes in Shaklee’s Cinch Inch Loss Program both contain Leucine.  Adding these products into your diet every day will help your muscles stay healthy and maximize your results when you exercise.

 These shakes and bars are also low in calories and are nutritionally dense.  This will help you whittle that middle!

If you buy 3 months of the Ultra Cinch Program you can get the 4th free!  This offer is only available for the next week so you better hurry!


If you are interested in this great offer or talking about weight management contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com



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I’ve never met a woman in my life that didn’t want to lose weight.  We can’t help it- it must be in our DNA ; )


Today I want to share with you 3 popular tools to assess your weight and health risk:

  1. Body mass index (BMI)
  2. Waist circumference
  3. Risk factors

Although we all want to lose weight- many of us dont’ realize we HAVE to (not just for physical appearance) for our overall health!

Body mass index (BMI)

We’ve all heard of BMI.  But do any of us know what this really is? And if we should we actually care about it?

The answer is yes and no.  BMI is a calculation of your height and weight.  It’s an estimate of body fat.   The higher your BMI means you are higher at risk for certain diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers.

Although this can be a good indicator for the need for weight loss it should not be the ‘end all.’  People may have a high BMI but not need to lose weight (athletes for example might weight more because they have more muscle mass.)

Here’s a tool to calculate your BMI!


Another useful tool is assessing your Waist circumference


Did you know that if most of your fat is around your waist rather than your hips you are higher at risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes?

This risk goes up with a waist size that is larger than 35 inches for women or larger than 40 inches for men.

To  measure your waist- grab a tape measure and measure 2 inches above your hips


The third tool to assess your Weight is to see if you have the following Risk Factors:

  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • High LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol)
  • Low HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol)
  • High triglycerides
  • High blood glucose (sugar)
  • Family history of premature heart disease
  • Physical inactivity
  • Cigarette smoking

It’s important to look at these 3 factors to assess our health but we have to realize that this is NOT all there is!

Numbers are only guidelines they are not everything!

We should use our BMI and Waist Measurement as one indication our weight might be headed in the wrong direction.

In order to fully assess your weight and health risk I suggest to also take a look at your current  lifestyle

  • Know thyself: What kind of eater are you? Emotional, Critical, etc
  • What time of day do you eat?
  • Do you exercise?

Shaklee has some great products that can help enhance your weight loss process!

I recommend their 4 month Cinch Inch Loss Program.  (If you buy it in the next 2 weeks you only pay for 3 months and get the 4th free!)


As you are making changes in your lifestyle Shaklee’s Cinch Inch Loss Program fortifies the body and helps you get maximum results.

If you are interested in this great offer or talking about weight management contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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