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Love a challenge?  Studies show that we tend to try harder when we are challenged!

So here it goes…I’m challenging you…

Just 10 Pounds!

The July-August Cinch challenge

Here is a challenge I have given myself and I dare you to also try it!…

 I love Summer. I have so much energy to try new things, attend lots of celebrations but in turn this means lots of challenges with regard to my good intentions.  (My goal was to end the summer wearing the same size jeans I started in the beginning of the summer.)


Sugar.  Damn Sugar.  It’s my dear friend and my worst temptation.

It seems to be everywhere!  It can come in the form of a glass of wine, a hot dog bun or a coconut macaroon.

When I start my day off with a Shaklee Cinch Shake I’ve noticed I’m better with my challenge!  Replacing one (or two!) meals with The Shaklee Cinch Shake has helped me gain energy and nutrients.  I get more energy and the shake taste delicious!  It’s like a Milk Shake or Frappuccino that’s actually nutrient dense and good for you.

For the Month of July- I am selling a Shaklee Cinch Weight Loss Kit

The KIT includes:

-Cinch Shakes

-Shaklee’s three in one boost (blood sugar balancer, increases metabolism)

-Cinch snack bars (10)

– Pomegranate Energy tea mix (28 days servings)

My July-August  challenge to you and me:

1 )Buy a Cinch starter Kit (link)

2) Next I will provide you with a FREE DVD that will help guide your weight loss journey

3) As a Suggestion- Buy the book ‘Just 10 Pounds’ by Brad Lamm and take the test about what kind of eater are you.

4)  I will then go over your quiz and personalize a weight loss plan with you that you feel comfortable with!

5) I will offer a weekly phone session to make sure you are keeping up with your weight loss goals

To make this challenge a little more fun-

I am offering a $25.00 Shaklee gift certificate to those who follows these

Steps and lose 10 pounds by August 31

Stay tuned!  I will be blogging about weight loss so join me and comment!

It’s a great way to end your summer with a smile and no regrets : )


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Reasearch shows that adults gain on average 2 pounds each year.  This might night sound like a lot but over the course of 20 years it adds up!

But did you know cutting out 100 calories a day can save you from gaining 10 pounds a year? (Dr Oz)

My dilemma:

It’s Summer.  I’m enjoying being outside and exercising!  But I’m also going out to dinner with friends and BBQs…

It’s a slippery slope but I’ve found the perfect plan to help me stay on top of thing!

Here’s what I did to keep myself on track >

Habit # 1: Be sure to get two cinch shakes a day.  It gives me the maximal energy boost I need , it’s convenient, and it tastes like a milkshake!  Perfect for my sweet tooth and to cool me down.

Only 280 calories. New favorite shake: Cinch Café latte with chilled almond milk

Habit #2

Count calories, Cut 100 calories from my day. The more Veggies and fruits I eat the less calories and the fiber keeps me full. Grilled vegetables are an awesome way to go and they can be put into a pita for a filling meal.  You can also add chilled soups like gazpacho or cucumber dill into your diet.

Habit #3

Keep my energy moving!  I exercise an hour in some way everyday (yoga, NIA, aerobics walking).   And to boost my energy I drink a Cinch Green tea once a day for a natural high and antioxidants at 2pm so when 4pm comes I am not wiped out.

Adding and monitoring these 3 things got me back on track and let me enjoy my summer!   What are your tips?

Try the Cinch program!  You won’t regret it.  Instead of having ice cream or Frappuccinos which are not nutritionally dense and a lot of calories have a CINCH shake!

For the next 2 weeks there is an Ultra cinch special which will  save you over $300 for the program!

One month of Cinch Program :

  • 4 meal options (includes any combination of Cinch® Shakes and Meal-in-a-Bars)
  • 3 boxes of Cinch® Snack Bars
  • 1 Cinch® 3-in-1 Boost™
  • 1 box of Cinch® Energy Tea Mix

Put the Ultra Cinch on Auto ship for three months, get the fourth one free.

Ready for a real change ? Go on Cinch for 4 months.  While you are creating all these awesome new lifestyle habits, give your body the tools to whittle your middle, have plenty of energy and not have cravings. So when you go off the diet you will sustain all the rewards of better fitting clothes, good energy and a new lease on life !

Tuesday night calls (8:00-8:45pm) are available for information, suggestions, support and fun !

The phone number is 712 775 7000   308598 #

Join in and receive free shipping off your next order!


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