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Winter already?! I was just getting used to my Fall attire– cute boots and a light jacket. But when I woke up today it was 37 degrees! It looked sunny but boy was it cold. All I wanted to do was hide under my covers and drink hot chocolate.

But thoughts started to creep into my mind… it’s Halloween weekend and I want to look and feel good! I am also seeing my friends from Albany and want to be in good spirits. I don’t want that bloated feeling and big belly buldge…

Here’s how I got myself up and excited for the day by increasing my metabolism…

1. Make sure I wake up early…6:30…and get my body moving by doing 20 minutes of yoga. I usually use a DVD since it is easier and I can do it in the comfort of my own home. Also-you don’t have to motivate yourself. Rodney will do that for you! Morning Yoga will help you clear your mind and warm up your body.

2. Drink a Cinch shake! As you know- I’m a BIG fan of these shakes. Every morning I enjoy making my shake. It’s delicious and nutritious! Today I made a chocolate Cinch shake with almond milk that was slightly heated. Another great way to give you energy and warm your body up!


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3. Take your Vitalizer strip. This strip provides you with more essential vitamins and nutrients for your day ahead.

4. To really pump things up I take a teaspoon of Vivix. Vivix helps boost your energy at the cellular level by increasing the mitochondria.  Mitochondria is the energy producing part of your cells and as you age you lose some every day.


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These are great tips to help you feel motivated in the morning but what happens when you lose your steam and focus during the day??  The best tip someone told me was to ‘remember the 20 second rule!’  This rule states that it just takes 20 seconds to shift from being unmotivated to motivated.  Take a second to stop what you are doing and put some music on, get up and dance/ stretch, or read a quote that inspires you for 20 seconds and it will shift your energy.

Test it out!

Let’s do it together!

And look out for my email about my Sunday Night Call at 7:30 pm



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Every winter I would gain what I called my ‘winter weight’ usually during the holiday seasons.  I always told myself that this little weight gain was to ‘keep me warm’ but this was only a half truth.  Eating lots of sweets and food at parties was putting an obstacle between what I really wanted in life- being health & happy!  And as I got older this ‘winter weight’ was harder and harder to lose (I bet you can relate!)

The past few years I have realized that this momentary pleasure was not always worth it.  Yes- sometimes it was fun to indulge and have some treats but I didn’t need to be doing this at every party all the time.  Through Shaklee’s Cinch Program I was able to feel full before I went to these parties and in turn starting making better choices.

This year I’ve developed the

Cinch Healthiest Loser Contest!

This contest will take place between November 1st – January 31st, 2011

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 What is the Challenge?

Join a group of people who all have the same goal and want to lose weight during the three holiday months that usually present us with the biggest weight maintenance challenges.  By starting now, we’ll not only avoid gaining extra weight, we’ll even lose weight!

What is Cinch?

The Plan involves setting personal goals and following guidelines based on how much you want to lose, your current weight, and activity levels.  If you have dieted before, this may sound familiar, but the familiarity stops here.  The Cinch programs works by preserving your lean body muscle mass and promoting your weight loss from fat.  When you keep lean body mass, you maintain your metabolic rate or calorie-burning ability.  Cinch is designed to help you break the cycle of dieting, falling off the wagon, and dieting again.

The exclusive Cinch Inch Loss Plan products are powered by leucine, an essential amino acid that helps you maintain lean muscle while you lose inches.  Not to mention— they taste like milkshakes!

Products Include:

Shaklee Cinch Shakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Cafe-Latte)


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Shaklee Cinch Meal-in-a-bar (Blueberry Almond Crisp, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip)

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Shaklee Cinch Snack Bars (Lemon-Cranberry, Peanut butter, and Chocolate)

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Shaklee 3-in-1 Boost

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Shaklee Cinch Energy Tea Mix (Energy Tea, Pomegranate)

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What do you do first?

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Good luck!!


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And so it begins…. the sugar roller coaster ride before the holidays.

Parties & Food Galore!

This is now one of my favorite times of the year but it wasn’t always the case.  I love being social and catching up with old friends but the Fall used to always provoke fear for me.  Fear of over or mindless eating.  Fear of gaining the Holiday weight!  Fear of the guilt then depression.

But over the last few years I’ve realized some great tricks to keep my sweet tooth under control.

And lucky for you I’m going to share them with you ; )

It’s really all about your mindset and liking yourself enough to be true to yourself.

We all want to be happy with healthy bodies.  I started watching women I admire when they are at parties.  A waiter would pass them with an orderves plate and they didn’t have to eat what was on it.  Many times I ate something because I just had to try it or I was mindlessly taking it off the plate and putting it into my mouth  But it’s all about self control and realizing you don’t really need it!

Here’s my Three key things that have kept me on Track During this Season:

1)      Make sure I feel energized!  When I’m tired all the time I lose all my good intentions.  I start to mindless eat or eat too much hoping to get energy.

-In order to feel energized I make sure I set time every single day to exercise.  Even if it’s just for 20 mins it will help get your body heated up and ready for the day.

-I take my CorEnergy-This products supports your Adrenal Gland and gives you a calm and alert stamina for the day.  Most fatigue comes from having a tired or overworked Adrenal Gland.


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– Every day I also take my Vivix.  Vivix is a Shaklee Product that helps boost your metabolism and gives you energy.


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2)      I make sure I’m eating foods that make me feel full.  When I eat I make sure I have balanced meals- protein, fat, carb and unlimited vegetables!  Having a salad before each meal is an easy way to do this.

– I also suggest snacking on Nuts! (Not unlimited- only about 10) Nuts are a great source of fiber and can cause you to feel fuller longer which will make you eat less.

3)      Make sure my thoughts and mind are in the right place!  You don’t realize how much your mind controls everything around you.  So when your out at parties say things to yourself like:  ‘Are you really hungry?’   ‘ Will this nourish me?’

And if your feeling insecure in order to boost your confidence tell yourself to act with integrity like the person you want to be.  This will help you walk into a room like the rock star or princess you are!

With these tips you can beat the Sugar Roller Coaster!  When aren’t true to yourself and follow what you believe you start to feel bad and it turns into a never-ending loop of guilt and depression.  Wouldn’t you rather have a big smile on your face and enjoy the holidays?!  It’s easier than it seems.

Our mind and intentions are a wonderful thing!


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