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There are so many people that constantly have stomach aches and just ignore them.

Wouldn’t you rather feel great and ready to rock everyday instead of boggled down and in pain?

There is a solution!

In my 40s- I thought I was really kicking butt.  I was teaching fitness classes 4 days a week and on the outside I looked great.  However- I was really exhausted and started having daily stomach pains (even after I was eating food that is suppose to be good for me! )

What was going wrong?!

I was eating healthy- salads, strawberries, and broccoli but was still feeling pains.

I decided to deconstruct my life to find out what was going on.

What was I not eating right?  What did I need to do differently?

I wanted my Zest for life back. And lucky for you I now know the secret and want to share it with everyone!

1) STRESS! The first thing for me was to focus on stress.  I decided to be more conscious of my days.

How did I start my day ?  Did I jump out of bed and into life?  And the answer was Yes, Yes, and Yes.  I would wake up and jump out of bed and start moving right away.  I started to take 20 minutes for myself every morning before I started my busy routine.  (This meant waking up a bit earlier but man was it worth it!)  Every morning I now set intentions for the day ahead.  I take 10 minutes and focus on my breathing—breathe in for 5 and exhale for 10 seconds.  I also make sure I’m having a balanced breakfast to start my day right.  (I love Shaklee’s Vanilla Cinch Shake! It helps to balance out my blood sugar and it really effects my digestion, and energy.)


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2) DIET!  The second thing I did was monitor my diet.  I went on an elimination diet and incorporated Shaklee supplements to support my body.  I spend a week removing dairy and wrote down how I felt.  I spent a week eliminating gluten and wrote down how I felt.  I spent a week eliminating sugar and wrote down how I felt.  Removing certain foods gave me more energy and helped me think clearer.

I also added a variety of fruits and vegetables into my diet.  Although I was eating healthy I was grabbing the same fruits (strawberries!) and vegetable (broccoli!) I realized I needed a variety.

I also realized how important supplementation was.  I’m not going to be 100% perfect so supplementing helps me balance my body and get all the vitamin and nutrients my body needs.

A recent study showed that 90% of Americans are lacking key nutrients in their diets; moreover common factors such as stress and aging can increase the body’s need for essential vitamins and minerals.

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I recommend that everyone takes a Shaklee Vitalizer Strip everyday!  This alone helped me so much with my stomach pains.  The pack includes:

-Vita-Lea Advanced Multivitamin

-B + C Complex


-Optiflora Probiotic

Everything you need for proper digestion.

After focusing on my daily intentions (setting up a morning routine), eating a variety of foods, and taking supplements I now look AND feel my best!

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