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Mother’s day is right around the corner- what better way to pamper your mom than with Skin Care Products that are actually good for her!

Shaklee has a great Age Defying Skin Care line called:

Enfuselle Skin Care

Most companies test their products for 3 months tops but The California Skin Care Institute conducted a 2 year study with Shaklee Enfuselle Skin Care line. The results of this study were incredible- there was a 665% increase in skin firmness in 28 days using Shaklee’s skin care line.

And it gets better… Shaklee’s Skin Care is nutrient based, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, pH balanced, paraben free and petrolatum free.

Many products that are on the Market are filled with chemicals. Paraben is a big one. Parabens cause a change in our hormones which can lead to cancer and thyroid problems. Choose your products (or products you give to your loved ones) wisely!

Here’s a few of my favorite Products from the line:

  • Enfuselle® Time Repair

((Click here to order : http://bit.ly/EnfuselleTImeRepair ))

A five-in-one wrinkle treatment that meets all your skin’s daytime needs for renewal, brightening, moisturization, nourishment, and protection.

Your skin becomes measurably brighter, clearer, and smoother.

  • Instant Firming Serum

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/JnTs6w ))

 This is a toxin-free, pain-free, and worry-free approach to visibly improving your skin’s quality and appearance. With continued daily use, the peptides in this scientifically advanced formula help give you younger-looking skin. Trust me- your mom will LOVE this one!

  • Enfuselle Gentle Action Cleansing Bar

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/uQmDwf ))

Drying soaps can strip away your natural beauty. Designed for sensitive skin, this pH-balanced, hypoallergenic bar is specially formulated to nurture skin as it removes dirt, dead skin cells, and environmental pollutants without stripping away your natural emollients

  •  Enfuselle® Spa Shea Butter Cream

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/IcXEWS ))

This lotion smells amazing! And luxurious shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree, and has amazing moisturizing properties.

Mother’s Day Special- For Mothers day 10 % off any Shaklee skin care order over $100

For more information or to place an order

 contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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Reboot Your Body for the Beach

A Four week detox ( foods and supplements) to get you on track

Manage weight easily
Have more Energy
Love your body in your summer clothes

April 16th – May 7, 2012
Mondays from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Cost for program is $75 plus cost of supplements

RSVP by Monday, April 9th  to Diana Maltz, RN

 216-526-5496 or  dianamaltz@gmail.com

Diana Maltz, Registered Nurse, wellness advisor and fitness instructor who has helped stressed out professionals stay out of the danger zone for over 20 years. Website: zestforlifemarketinggroup.com

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It’s already April?

I don’t know about you but I’m patiently awaiting the spring weather we had last week!

We all know what the gorgeous Spring and Summer weather means though = Less Clothes

Instead of the bulky winter sweaters we will soon be wearing shorts and tank tops.

To help everyone feel more confident in their clothes I wanted to share some more Weight Loss Tips.

Let’s talk about Calories

Many of our lives center around calories but do we even know what it is?

By definition, a calorie is the energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. The important word to take away from this definition is ENERGY. Calories are ENERGY that fuel our bodies; much like gasoline fuels our cars.

But not all calories are created equal.

Some of us eat 200 calorie FroYos and think we are being healthier than eating a 400 calorie Avocado.  But this couldn’t be more wrong!   Although double the calories- Avocados are much better and nutritionally dense for our bodies.

Did you know when you lose weight as in pounds, you lose fat as well as muscle?

Scientists suggest this where the “yo yo” cycle happens in dieting, we lose weight only to regain it again. This is because losing muscle means losing metabolism and energy. Shaklee scientists have perfected the amount of leucine that we need to spare the muscle when we lose the weight with Shaklee shakes, Cinch Meal Bars and Cinch snack bars. We have a ton of success stories using this program : Cinch Club

From now until April 31, there are some specials that can help you lose the weight and keep the Muscle.

You can Order here!

I’m excited to announce that in 2 weeks (April 16)– I am starting a teleseminar group for people who want to

Reboot your Body for the Beach” 

Don’t be afraid of those tank top that show your upper arms or shorts that show off your thighs.  My ‘modified detox’ will help you lose the unwanted weight while helping restore and cleanse your body.  For this program I will be teaching you about certain foods that are nutritionally dense and certain supplements that will help support your body. The combination of the 2 will cleanse your liver, repair your digestive system and enhances immune function.

Here’s a preview of  two supplements in the program:

Optiflora Prebiotic Complex

Liver DTX Complex

These supplements (along with a few others) and a nutritionally dense food program will help you whittle that middle and be saying:

Bring on the warm weather baby!

For more information or to sign up for ‘Reboot your Body for the Beach’

 contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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