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Start right now! Take the challenge to make your life 10 pounds lighter.

What could that mean to you ? Putting on your skinny jeans? Going down one pant size? Take the 10 pound challenge with or without

coaching but using Shaklee’s Cinch Inch loss program and a once a week check in with me. At the end of 30 days or June 30, if you

lose 10 pounds you win a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate and feel the pride of a job well done. Email me for more  information and

visit http://dianarn.myshaklee.com/us/en/cinch-special_offer.s.html


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To try:

The Just 10 Pounds Challenge!

 Do you feel like your body needs a boost ?

And just 10 pounds will kick-start your new vibrant  life?

Stress is a big factor in weight gain which dominates how we look and how we feel. Left unchecked, stress can change our body chemistry which makes us more susceptible to illness, injury and more prone to gaining weight.

Take the next twenty eight days and reclaim your health

  May /June special – 10% off Health Coaching

I will guide you through a personalized and practical program to help you look and feel your best. We will explore different topics such as:  What to eat, when to eat, delicious recipes, motivational tips to keep you on track, exercises and tips about effective exercise, ways to reduce stress and enjoy the journey.  We will go over how the nutritional supplements we recommend that will enhance your results now and long term. (Each a 40 minutes)

4 total Sessions!

To schedule your program call: 216- 526-5496 or email dianamaltz@gmail.com.

About Diana Maltz , RN, BSN is a wellness advisor  with over 30 years of experience helping adults and children meet their health and fitness goals. With expertise in medicine, nutritional supplements and stress reducing  techniques like Chi Kung, Yoga  and Pilates, she gives her clients the tools they need to make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes.


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Let’s face it- we all crave Sugar.

How do we know if the sugar we are consuming is ok for us or if it will eventually lead to diabetes?

First – Why sugar is addicting and why do  we crave it?

Our bodies are actually naturally wired to crave sugar.   The taste of sugar releases endorphins that calm and relax us .  Sugar cravings also increase the absorption of an amino acid called tryptophan, which helps your body make serotonin which makes you feel happy and content.

Many of us turn to foods that are simple sugars (donuts, candy, & most sweets) which enter our blood stream and get broken down quickly.  This gives us a quick energy boost but is not sustainable.  It quickly leaves our bloodstream and causes a low level of sugar resulting in fatigue.

This constant blood sugar rising and falling can cause weight gain and can lead to a insulin resistance which can create a a pre-daibetic condition.

Also, this blood sugar rising and falling can make our pancreas secrete large amounts of insulin to handle the excess glucose.  This causes a burn out of our pancreas and in turn make us crave more sweets.

So how can we stop this?

Instead of turning to sweets to get your sugar cravings turn to nature’s candy: fruit!  Fruits has natural sugars along with many vitamins and nutrients that don’t cause this spike in your blood sugar.  Fruits takes longer to break down and enter the bloodstream slowly giving steady and sustained energy.

Our weight and pancreas will thank us!

When looking at Food Labels check how much Sugar is in the products. We found some great advice over at healthyfitnutrition.net

‘ A good rule of thumb is to look at the Nutrition Facts Label and only consume foods where the sugar content is no more than 20% of the total carbohydrate.

To follow the 20% rule, do the following:

  1. Look at the total number of carbohydrates listed on the nutrition facts label.
  2. Multiply that number by 10% (move the decimal point over 1 place) and then double it.
  3. Whatever that number is – you want the sugars listed on the label to be that number or less.


  1. Carbohydrates listed on the label – 40g
  2. 20% of the total carbohydrates would be 8g
  3. Amount of sugar listed on the label – 17g
  4. Bottom line: This product has too much sugar’

For any questions or a private consultation please contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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Eat a snack around 3pm to stop your afternoon slump!  I suggest low fat natural yogurt and  6 walnuts or almonds.

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Mother’s Day always make me reflect on my childhood and also myself as a mother.

Growing up, my mother raised 5 kids on her own.

5 kids!

I can’t even imagine that with 2 parents.  I give her a lot of credit for that.

Unfortunately I often saw a different side of my mother because she was constantly under stress.

We, as women, are expected to play a constant juggling game with raising our kids and with our careers.  This can often lead to lots of stress.

Stress causes a lot of frustration in our lives but more than that  it is one of the top contributors to disease and bad health.  When it was my turn to be a mother I tried to make sure I wasn’t letting stress get the best of me.

Here’s how I stopped this stress cycle:

(You can use this to helps your mothers, yourself, or the person who nurtures you in your life)

1) Create Moments for yourself/ Meditate

Whether it’s taking some extra time putting on lotions for your body or taking a few moments to take a deep breath make sure you/ your mother create this time for herself.  Shaklee offers an amazing line of Lotions that would help your mother with these moments

Click here to read more

Enfuselle Skin Care

2) Exercise

I can’t tell you how much this helped me as a mother! Dancing & Chi- Gong have been an integral part of my life and giving myself time to do these activities  helped me be a better mother.

3) Shaklee’s Cinch Shakes


(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/ffNNSF ))

The Cinch Shake helps balance  blood sugar first thing in the morning so you (or your mother!) can calmly get the kids to school or be energetic for the day ahead.

4) Do Less

Mothers often say yes to everything.  Learn to respect your mom’s time or if you are a mom learn that you can’t (and shouldn’t) do everything.  Focus on what’s important.

5) Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex

Click for more info: (( http://bit.ly/dYtcde))

Another life saver.  This can help your mom (or you!) reduce the effect of stress in your life.   When you are stressed your body releases a lot of cortisol which causes your body to become burnt out.  Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex helps balance out your cortisol levels and helps your body get out of the ‘flight’ mode.

It’s important we all learn how to manage our stress.  Help yourself and your mom by using the above tools to have a healthier more sane life!

And don’t forget….

*Mother’s Day Special*

For Mothers day 10 % off any Shaklee skin care order over $100 now until May 13!

(Ending soon!!)

For more information or to place an order

 contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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Replace your coffee with 3 cups of Cinch Green Tea every day.  This will increase your energy, has anti-aging properties, and help your lose fat around your middle!

((Order Here: http://bit.ly/ShakleeGreenTea ))

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Skin Care…

Did you know?  There are no government restrictions on the substances that can be used to make skin care in the US.  And to put things in perspective- skin care is a billion-dollar industry, with consumers spending more than $344 million on anti-aging creams and lotions alone.  So how many of us are using skin care that’s toxic for our system?

Answer: A LOT!

As I wrote about in my last post, Your Mother Deserves the Best, it is very important to be knowledgeable about the substances you are putting on your skin.  Our skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs all these toxic chemicals.

Important Chemicals to look out for:

  • Parabeans
  • Cole tar dyes
  • petroleum
  • formaldehyde

Shaklee’s Skin Care line: Enfusselle does not contain any of these ingredients!

Enfuselle Skin Care

Not only does this line not contain any harsh toxic ingredients it works well.  Research has shown that there was a 665% increase in skin firmness in 28 days using Shaklee’s skin care line.  Who’s ever heard of a 665% increase in skin firmness in 28 days.  This is incredible!

Here’s a few of my favorite Products from the line:

  • Enfuselle® Time Repair

((Click here to order : http://bit.ly/EnfuselleTImeRepair ))

A five-in-one wrinkle treatment that meets all your skin’s daytime needs for renewal, brightening, moisturization, nourishment, and protection.

Your skin becomes measurably brighter, clearer, and smoother.

  • Instant Firming Serum


(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/JnTs6w ))

 This is a toxin-free, pain-free, and worry-free approach to visibly improving your skin’s quality and appearance. With continued daily use, the peptides in this scientifically advanced formula help give you younger-looking skin. Trust me- your mom will LOVE this one!

  • Enfuselle Gentle Action Cleansing Bar

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/uQmDwf ))

Drying soaps can strip away your natural beauty. Designed for sensitive skin, this pH-balanced, hypoallergenic bar is specially formulated to nurture skin as it removes dirt, dead skin cells, and environmental pollutants without stripping away your natural emollients

  •  Enfuselle® Spa Shea Butter Cream

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/IcXEWS ))

This lotion smells amazing! And luxurious shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree, and has amazing moisturizing properties

*Act Now– Mother’s Day Special*

For Mothers day 10 % off any Shaklee skin care order over $100 now until May 13!

For more information or to place an order

 contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


I’m also excited to announce my new weekly

Check out my blog and facebook page for quick and easy tips to implement into your life each week!

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