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It’s my Birthday week and I have a big birthday coming up this year.

I lead a healthy active lifestyle and often get asked by my peers what’s the key or ‘secret’ to my energy and vitality.

I tell them: age is only a number!

Have you ever met someone who is 90 but still exudes youthfulness?

Don’t let your age define who you are.   Our energy levels and vitality are all about the daily choices we make.

Today I would like to focus on stress which is one of the top reasons people age quickly.

Stress is a major roadblock for having energy and feeling youthful.  Stress is a vicious cycle- the more stress you have the more tired you get and the more likely you are to turn to being lazy and eat bad foods.

Here’s 2 goals for you to manage your stress levels

1) Be conscious of what you are eating

When people are stressed they often turn to food as their comfort or guidance.  This throws off your blood sugar levels.  Instead of grabbing for that bag of chips or chocolate bar have a Shaklee shake which contains all beneficial vitamins and nutrients but taste like you are indulging!  The shakes are also low glycemic which won’t spike your blood sugar.  We all need to focus on balancing our blood sugar levels so we aren’t constantly on a physical and emotional roller coaster ride.

As I wrote about in my last post, Sugar is a Hidden danger, changing your sugar habit can affect every area of your life.  When our blood sugar is balanced our bodies are not in flight mode and we will have more energy.  Balancing your blood sugar helps decrease inflammation in our bodies and inflammation leads to aging and disease.

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/ffNNSF ))

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/ffNNSF ))

Shaklee’s Cinch programs  also contains luecine which as an extra benefit helps with weight loss. Leucine is an amino acid that makes you feel fuller longer.

2) Exercise!

When we get stressed our bodies get tired faster and we often choose to nap or rest instead of exercise.  Instead of helping us get better this creates a vicious cycle.  Sleep. Stress. Tired. Nap.  Stress. Tired

Break this cycle and set aside at least 30 minutes every day for yourself and your body to exercise.  Try a weight class with me!

Learning to choose the right foods to balance my blood sugar levels and exercising have been my key to staying healthy and having lots of energy!

You bet I’m going to be a hot 90 year old in my future still going to my chi gong and weight classes ; )

You can do it too

Start by taking my Vitality Score Test Below to see how you are doing.  Then incorporate my 2 suggestions above and you will start feeling like you are 25 (well maybe 35) again!

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Perfect way to start the Cinch Program because you get to try everything!

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In honor of my next birthday, I’ll be focusing on looking, feeling and staying young! As a great way to start, I challenge you to find out what’s your vitality score. Mine was 30! Take the test today and find out in the next couple of blogs how to increase your vitality! (Post your score on our Facebook page, Zest for Life Marketing Group, for an opportunity to WIN a Vitalizer Sample Pack!)

Vitality Test

Take this quiz by rating yourself from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

Daily energy level ______

Immunity system strength (colds, flu) ________

Appearance of skin, hair and nails __________

Ability to manage stress _______

Healthy daily diet _______

Overall health and outlook _______

Total up your vitality score ______

17 and Under
At least you’re honest. Now there is no where to go but up. You’re guaranteed to see the difference with Vitalizer.

The good news is you’re doing okay. The bad news is you’re doing okay. That is a far cry from vitality. Time to take Vitalizer every day…now RISE and SHINE !

You obviously care about taking care. What better reason than that to up the ante on your vitality by taking Vitalizer. Feel the difference. Then share the health.

What is Shaklee’s Vitalizer

Vitalizer is the most advanced multinutrient supplement in the marketplace today with 80 bio-optimized nutrients clinically proven to create a foundation for a longer, healthier life.* Vitalizer is the powerful and convenient approach to complete supplementation providing the best spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics*, all in one daily serving.

  • Custom formula created specifically for today’s healthy active man, woman or people over 50
  • Patent-pending delivery system designed to enhance absorption of key nutrients
  • Based on 12 clinical studies and a first-of-its-kind Landmark Study

Click here to get your Vitalizer today!

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The Summer 2012 Olympics is upon us!  I love watching and am always very inspired by The Olympics.  The athletes are incredible and I often wonder what makes and keeps them so determined, focused and strong?

Gosh, it’s hard for many people to keep simple habits like eating healthy or exercising everyday.

What makes these athlete’s commitment stick?

Many of these Olympic Athletes use Shaklee Products. 

The team is called Pure Performance because for 20 years Shaklee athletes have had exceptional results with Shaklee products giving them proper nutrition and energy for their performances.

Shaklee athletes have won over 100 Olympic medals!

Here’s some information about a few of them:

-Troy Dumais, 32, has qualified for his 4th diving team joining Greg Louganis as the only American to do so

-Dennis Bowsher a Pent athlete who says his weekly training consists of running 60 miles, swimming 12 miles, fencing 7 hours,  shoots for 7 and rides a horse 1 ½ hours a week.  Talk about persistence and determination.

These athletes are very inspiring and I’ll let you in on a little secret- they all use Shaklee’s Vitalizer, Vivix, and Performance products.


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In addition to these 3 products these athletes have the following qualities:

1. Determination– love what you do and be driven by the WHY are you doing it?

– Do you want to lose weight for a wedding so you can feel proud to be 40 in front of old college friends?

If you love to dance in a group, aerobic, zumba classes are for you. If you like to be alone, find the time to run or walk

2. Focus- Since our lives are so busy we all need to make eating healthy and exercise a priority.

If looking good for the wedding is your long term goal also make short term goals for yourself: I will walk one mile this

week and 1.5 miles the next day

3. Strength-Our bodies need lots of vitamins and minerals, proteins, carbs and fat just to stay alive.  Supplementation helps this!

I recommend:

For weight loss but to keep your energy – Cinch inch loss program will allow you to lose the fat and keep the muscle.

Don’t’ forget about Shaklee’s Special Offer ((OVER JULY  31))

It’s also always a good thing to have a coach and a support team to add in your weight loss efforts.  Join Team Zest for Life! I would love to be your coach as you exercise like an Olympic athlete with determination, focus and strength

For this month I am also a free wellness profile ( $125 value!) with the purchase of the Cinch Package. With both the Shaklee Cinch Special and Wellness Profile the odds of winning are in your favor!

To order contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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Many of us worry about the calories and fat we consume but don’t pay too much attention to sugar.

Sugar should be our main focus because it wreaks havoc on your health and causes many diseases.

Is this you?  Sneaking in an extra treat? Don’t worry you are not alone.  Many of my clients crave sweets even though they notice that their energy yo yo’s when they eat them. Some of my clients are even so fatigued they can’t start a day without this spike from sugar (usually in their coffees.)

As I wrote in my past post, My new Certification, I wrote about how sugar can be an addiction.

According to Dr Teitelbaum, MD, in his book, “Beat Sugar Addiction Now, there are 4 types of Sugar Addiction:

  1. Repeatedly craving and eating sweets or caffeine to give one energy all day. This leads to fatigue, suppressed immune system, headaches and sleep deprivation
  2. Adrenal Fatigue-constant tension, then fatigue, then reaching for sweets, to pump you up exhausts the Stress gland called the Adrenal gland. This leads to eating because the adrenal gland is exhausted…so you consume large amounts in an attempt to get the energy you need. Did you know that 12 oz, can of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar?
  3. Sugar cravings based on yeast /candida overgrowth
  4. Hormonally related-estrogen and sugar

As you can see from these 4 types- it all comes down to our body being unbalanced.

So how do we get our Zest back?

  1. Remove excess sugar from your diet (caffeine with sugar and white processed foods are the big ones)
  2. ADDproper vitamin and nutrients to your diet .  I suggest to my clients Shaklee’s Vitalizer strip which contains all the daily necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs in a small convent pack.

    (( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/h2n2XA ))

    ***Side fact:1/3 of the calories we eat are from sugar which means we are missing 1/3 of all of our nutrients the body has been crying for!

  3. EXERCISE!  Find something you love and get your heart rate going for at least 30 minutes every single day!
  4. Add Shaklee’s Cinch Program to your daily diet.  This program helps balance your blood sugar which will help you with your sweet cravings.  (Not to mention the Cinch Shakes taste like milk shakes but are healthy for us!)

(( Click here to order: http://bit.ly/ffNNSF ))

And lucky for you there is a CINCH special going on right now through July 31st.

Don’t wait!  Trust me on this one- the Cinch program tastes like your being sinful but your actually being healthy and giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

To order the CINCH start up  or set up a consultation contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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