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Are you worried about overeating or gaining weight during the coming holidays?  Do you get trapped in the sugar zone?  Would you like to learn how to easily navigate the sweet season?

According to the National Institute of Health, we gain an average of ONE pound during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we never lose it. So year after year it adds up until more than half of us are overweight. Creating small changes THIS season can help you to:

  •  increase your energy and have fun in a group setting
  • stay on top of your game
  • lose weight and maintain a slimmer body
  • improve your metabolism

In each lunch-hour class of this 6-week series, participants will have an opportunity to learn about foods that can stave off sugar cravings, how to create a holiday menu that can bring vibrant health, how to be confident about making better choices at social gatherings, and learn lifestyle choices that can reduce stress year-round.  Activities include free shakes for lunch, exercise and a sweet meditation practice to end your day.

When: FREE introductory Class October 23, 2012 at 12:00 pm.
Six week session from October 30 to December 4, 2012 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Where: NY Core Center at 115 East 23rd Street – 12th floor

Fee: $180 for all six classes pre-paid in full. Have a friend sign up with you and receive 10% off the class.

Register: zestybusiness@gmail.com

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I am excited to announce that I lost 5 pounds on the Shaklee Cinch Challenge.   I feel great and people have even commented that they’ve noticed my energy is up and that I look slimmer.  Go me!
Here’s how I did it:

1) I make sure I drink 2 Cinch shakes which help me maintain lean muscle. ( I still can’t believe these delicious shakes help me lose weight since they taste sinful)
2)  I drink a cinch tea which helps with cravings and gives me more energy.
3) I exercise (or at least keep active!)  Many people have the misconception that exercise makes you even more tired but it actually energizes you.   Muscle is metabolism.  It’s a simple equation → More muscle = more zest!

It’s actually been easy for me to lose weight because the Cinch Program is so simple.  It’s planned out for you and the only thing I have to think about everyday is  a snack and what to have for dinner.

This diet has been fun because it gives me a chance to explore all different kinds of foods that I never eat- beets, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, beans.  These foods are all good for me, good tasting  and  very filling!

You might be thinking– ‘This sounds too easy…’
And sadly it is! We have made dieting into such a ‘to do’ that we often put unnecessary pressure on ourselves because of it.

Many people find dieting hard because they hit road blocks and get discouraged then give up.

I’m here to help you avoid giving up and see it can be easy.
Shaklee Cinch Program has been key to my success. And the Cinch Transformation Pack has everything you need to start an easy diet.
Life has a lot of stressors- make dieting and your health easy for yourself!

To sign up or get started on the Shaklee Cinch Program contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com


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