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We all go through the same thing every year.  Our family and friends gather together for a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner and it’s always a mad scramble to the dinner table where we tell ourselves its ok to cheat today and we stuff our faces with bread, mashed potatoes, turkey, and let’s not forget desserts (it’s ok to eat them all right?!)

Wrong.  Let’s rethink this and talk about digestion.

After a big meal such as that we are often exhausted and need a nap.  Did you ever wonder why this happens?

That combination of protein, starches and fats overloads our stomach.  If there’s too much food in your stomach it’s harder for your stomach acids to digest all that food.  All of your energy is focused on your gut and it’s tiring!

If you chose to eat all of this (which I will help you make better choices later in this post) help your body out with Digestive Enzymes!

Digestive Enzymes, like EzGest, help your stomach break food down (check out this awesome video which shows you how they work) before it goes into the small intestine which helps your body absorb vitamins and nutrients better.

I suggest to take 1 Enzyme right before you start your meal.



Another product that will help you with digesting your meal is- OptiFlora.  This is acidophilus which is the good bacteria in your system and will also help you break down your food.

I suggest to take 1 OptiFlora every single day.

Shaklee’s Optiflora System

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Although it’s fun to indulge once in a while my suggestion would be to change your mind set.  You still get to enjoy the holiday but you’ll feel so much better!

Be present and remind yourself that you will eat again (this is not the last time you will see pumpkin pie!)

When you go to pick your food make smart choices:

–          Stick with 1 glass of wine

–          Eat Sweet Potatoes instead of Mashed Potatoes

–          Fill ½ your plate with vegetables

–          Commit to reduce portion sizes (you really don’t need seconds)

Did you know that after 3 bites—you don’t taste your food?

AND remember to enjoy your time with your loved ones!

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