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Winter is officially here.  It is cold and gets dark around 5 pm so it’s easy to want to just go to our caves and hibernate.  During the winter many people feel tired early because of less natural light and eating warm comfort foods.


 What are the main causes of fatigue?

Stress!  Stress drains our energy and causes our adrenal glands to over work which then causes fatigue.

– Not eating the proper balance of foods

– Not exercising

How can we overcome this?

When you first wake up don’t go straight to your to do list.  Take a few minutes for yourself and your body.

Trust me on this one!  It will set the tone and change your entire day.

– Drink a glass of water with lemon

– Take  10 minutes to meditate

– Stretch or Exercise (get your heart rate going)

Have a healthy breakfast.  I love the Shaklee 180 Smoothies.


Purchase here: http://bit.ly/W0plbI

They give you all the vitamin and minerals you need to start your day and they taste delicious!  There is also 25 grams of protein which makes your energy from your  breakfast last longer.

Feeling that 3 pm slump?  Instead of grabbing a soda or coffee prepare yourself correctly.

Shaklee research has shown that eating a protein and carb 2 hours before that slump will help you avoid it.  Try Shaklee’s Meal-In-A-Bar!

It you are still feeling a little fatigued you can try Shaklee’s 180 Energizing Tea (make sure you don’t drink after 4 pm though so your not up all night!)

banner_ShakleeEnergizingTeaClick here to purchase: http://bit.ly/VN5Gwv

Let’s face it- our lives are busy.  It’s hard to have time to plan, shop, cook and take time for yourself.  Shaklee’s 180 program makes it easier for you.  It helps keep me on track and provides my body with all the proper nutrients and vitamins I need to stay alert and enjoy life.

Try it today!



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Many of us start the New Years the same way every year.  We tell ourselves that this is going to be the year we lose weight and start feeling great about ourselves.  But every year by the time March (even February?) comes around we are back into our old habits.

What went wrong?


For 2013 I want to teach you how to make your resolutions work and more importantly stick.

5 ways to lose weight and make it stick:

1) Find out your WHY.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Don’t just say ‘to feel good’- make it specific.

Example: I want to lose weight so when I go to my son’s wedding in June I will be wearing a size 8 dress and look fabulous in the photos.

2) Know where you begin.  Get your numbers! Weight? BMI?

Example: I weight ? and my BMI ? ( a proper women never reveals her numbers ; )

3) Stay connected and present to your weight loss journey. One way to do this is to journal.  Every day write down what you ate, how you feel, and what you are grateful for.  Even if you are feeling down write what’s actually positive in your life- positive attacks positive (Law of attraction!)

Example: For breakfast I had a Shaklee 180 Smoothie.   I’m grateful I’m 5’8” and have a healthy body that allows me to work out daily.

shaklee smoothies

4) Find out what is hindering your progress and eliminate or replace it.

Example: I want something sweet after every meal!  When this feeling or want happens I remind myself that my body won’t properly absorb all the healthy food I just ate if I add something sugary to it.  I allow myself to have this craving and tell myself to wait 45 minutes so this food can digest and be absorbed properly.  After that time if I still want the sweets I have it.  I replace a candy bar though with berries or a chocolate Shaklee 180 snack bar.

5) Make sure you have proper materials.    Don’t have junk around you because you will eat it.  Shop for real healthy fruits/vegetables and my secret weapon is: Shaklee’s 180 kit!


When ever I’m craving something this kit has me covered.

3 Shaklee 180 Shakes (You can pick from Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, & Coffee Latte)

1 Metabolic Boost (supplement that you can take at each meal)  This helps you boost your body’s metabolism naturally, burn more calories, keep your energy up, and retain normal blood sugar levels.

1 180 Snack Bars (full of vitamins and nutrients)

2 Meal in a Bars (Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, & Blueberry Almond)

1 Energizing Green Matcha Tea (helps for a natural quick pick me up and metabolism boost)

With this program you can even win fun prizes!

Together let’s make 2013 the year of not only saying but doing!  You can achieve your goals with the right tools and people around you.


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