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Did you know women lose 50%  of their lean muscle between the ages of 20-90 ?


Muscle loss begins to really accelerate in our 40’s and between 50-70’s we lose 30% of that 50 %.

What does this mean? Less muscle = less metabolism, flabby arms, muffin tops ,bagel bellies and low energy.

And on top of this muscle loss many women diet which only makes it worse!

When we diet, 40 % of that pound loss is usually muscle.

What are we doing wrong?
1. Cutting too many calories:

Low calorie diets-under 1000 calories cause your metabolism to shut down.  Your body needs at least 1200 calories a day to function properly.

New Strategy:  Drink the Shaklee 180 shake.  The shake contains leucine which will help you preserve muscle and keep you feeling full and happy.



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2. Trying too many Fad diets like Juicing.  

Juicing is only good as a snack because there is no fiber. (The juicer acts like your stomach as it churns.) This will cause you to be hungry soon after you have your juice.

New Strategy:  

It is better to eat more salads or a raw vegetables. Some people are using juicing as a way to lose weight but they will lose muscle too. Adding a Shaklee 180 smoothie can give the protein and fiber you need to stay full longer.

3.The S’s– Stress & Sugar:


These 2 things are the culprit for many diseases and illnesses.  When our bodies are stressed or we eat too much sugar we are putting a strain on the insulin that gets released in our bodies.  Insulin is called the ‘fattening hormone’ because it helps us store that sugar as fat. When we are stressed we don’t tend to eat Protein rich foods (instead we grab for those gummies or chocolate bars!)

New Strategy:

Reach for something healthy that taste good but isn’t packed with sugar like Shaklee’s 180 Chocolate Shake.


Purchase here: http://bit.ly/VFztXM

The Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program is more than a diet. It helps correct some of the sugar issues by preserving lean muscle. In addition, it boosts your metabolism (the energy tea and the Metabolic boost) that for many of us has been slowed due to our diets, stress, and too many carbs.

By drinking 2 shakes a day, it gives the busy stressed out professional a chance to plan a snack and a healthy dinner and build new healthy habits around this.

It is the only program I know of that has clinically proven to preserve 100% of lean muscle!

In a 12 week clinical trial the average weight loss was 15.4 lbs and 6.7 inches. Perfect for maintaining the new skinny jean size you just worked so hard to achieve.

Spring is around the corner!

Floral Bikini on Clothesline



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Although Valentines Day is usually marked by heart shapes, roses and chocolates I think it’s also a good time for women to also
think of their
actual heart and it’s health.
According to the American Heart Association- 80 % of all heart disease in women is preventable.
Sadly, every minute of every hour every day someone dies of a heart attack!

If the circumference of your waist is 39 inches or more you have double the risk for heart disease. (AND 50% of these people have insulin resistance which can lead to high blood pressure, cholesterol etc)
This Valentines Day make sure you are in control of your heart health (you want to be around a long time to snuggle up to your sweetie!)
Symptoms of Heart Disease:

-It can start off as: fatigue, anxiety, heart palpitations, feeling dizzy when standing, gaining 10 pounds
Most people don’t realize- it can start early!

When I was in my 20’s I had heart palpitations.  I was dancing 4 days a week, working as a nurse and 10 pounds over weight.  I was told that I had a mitral valve  prolapse (an extra heartbeat) and it was necessary for me to make some lifestyle changes.
– The second warning sign can come from blood work.  If your blood sugar is borderline high you are at risk for heart disease.
It’s never too late to start caring about your heart.
Make it a goal to lose weight and lower your blood sugar.

Heres how:

1) Lose Weight.  We’ve all heard that extra weight puts extra pressure on every part of our body but especially our heart.    I suggest using Shaklee’s 180 program which is designed to keep you toned (with its special ingredient leucine ) but also lose weight.

Purchase here: http://bit.ly/VFztXM

2) Nutrition checklist:

-How much water do you drink everyday?

-How much fiber do you eat everyday?  It is recommended to eat 25 gms a day. Begin at breakfast (have a Shaklee 180 Smoothie!)


Purchase here: http://bit.ly/W0plbI

-Good fats: We want to strategic about fats, we want fats in our diet. Do you eat salmon, mackerel, sardines 3 times a week.

-Avoid trans fats

  1. Exercise:  Exercise everyday for 30 minute. Three days cardio and 2 days weight training

Here are some tips to stay on track suggested by ACE  (American council on Exercise)

  • Schedule it: don’t wait for extra time to show up in your day. Mark 30 minutes off for exercise
  • Start slowly. Walking is a great way to begin
  • Mix it up You need cardio, strength training and flexibility.
And it’s ok to indulge in a few bites of chocolate- your going to work it off later ; )


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