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I discovered in my early 30s that sexy is all about

confidence and feeling good in your body.

When I feel good-  I have a smile on my face and it reflected in ever part of my life!


When I was younger, with twin boys nonetheless, I hurt my back while nursing.

I was in pain, I didn’t feel good, I had no energy, I couldn’t work or dance (my passion at the time) and I started to gain weight.

I did not feel confident or good in my body and it showed.

I knew I needed to pick myself up from this funk and change my attitude.

I decided to start a Spring Detox (which I now suggest to my clients!) I was taught to get rid of sugar (I lived on brownies at the time), chemical-laden and artificial ingredients.  I also added supplements to support, heal and rejuvenate my body.

My body was toxic which means my natural means of getting rid of chemicals exceeded the limit my body could handle.  I had all the symptoms: weight gain, muscle aches and pains, headaches, moodiness and allergies.

Today I want to share with you how I rebooted my body and got my zest back!

1)     Find out your Why and your PURPOSE.

The quote I love is:  I am not giving up what I want most, for what I want now

2)     Know where you are going: If your goal is a narrow waist, measure now and as you are going along, If you have PMS or Perimenopause: Write down what and when your symptoms are.

3)     Journal to cleanse your inner consciousness and reduce stress

4)     Organize your pantry, toss our junk, gather recipes, and plan your weekly menu, find a friend to cook with on weekends. This is key, plan what you eat, when you’ll shop, how and when you will prepare the food

5)     Supplements; How will you remember? Place them by your toothbrush, carry them in your purse, or post it note on refrigerator. What can you do to stay on track?

6)     Exercise- It might be hard when you first get into it but trust me—This is the key to feeling great again!

7)     Make time for deep relaxation, breathing exercises morning and night for 10 minutes. Fit this into you plan

8)     Get support and accountability: Work with a coach like myself, form your own buddy pact or form a Detox group

Two important times of the day:

Breakfast: We want to retain out energy and lose fat not muscle. I use the Shaklee 180 Smoothie

Program and specifically at breakfast I have a shake. I feel fabulous all morning without coffee!



Purchase here: http://bit.ly/W0plbI

Mid afternoon:

Green smoothie with Shaklee 180 Vanilla shake (which includes protein!)


Liver DTX


Herb lax

It’s always good to have a support group to help you feel confident and sexy again.  Join me for my event, ‘Love Yourself’ on Monday, April 15th at 7 pm.  Sign up now and get $5 off the $30 fee.

Email me for more info

‘WE all know change is inevitable, but growth is optional.’

Get your sexy on ; )


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