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In my recent “6-Weeks Weight Loss” class at a Fortune 1000 Insurance Company, we got into some very interesting discussions about stress and eating habits when stressed.

So today let’s explore:

  • What is stress?
  • What is the difference between Physical and Emotional Hunger?
  • What are some tips on how to reduce the impact stress has on your body?

Stress is that feeling when you have to handle more than you are used to. The body responds as if it is in grave danger. It does not matter if you are stress that you won the lottery or if you got an audit notice from the IRS or both. Your heart races, your blood pressure increases, muscle tenses, and your breathing is shallow. This is okay for the short term, but we live in a world where we don’t turn stress off.

We either are numb to it or we think we are “handling” it. This Chronic Stress is what wreaks havoc on our bodies. It begins as headaches, back pains, digestive issues and can lead to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Stress causes most people to eat in a way that puts more strain on a “stressed” system (heart, digestion etc.) We either don’t eat. In this case the adrenal gland has to step in and rally up the body and puts excess sugar and fats into our blood. Or we eat too much, too often and usually the wrong kinds of food and we gain weight which strains our heart, joints, digestive system and become pre-diabetic.

Today I would like to increase your awareness of the difference between Physical Hunger and Emotional Hunger from the chart below and then give you a few suggestions on how to get your body back in balance. Think of the last time you ate, were your Physically Hungry or Emotionally Hungry?


Tip #1:  Get your blood sugar on track by starting the day with a well-balanced breakfast within one hour of waking up – this will give you sustained energy and reduce the effects of stress. I recommend 24 grams of protein with fruit.  A good suggestion is a Shaklee 180 Smoothee. It’s a great meal on the run and is strategic to getting your day started and keep you going.

Better yet, consider the 90 day Shaklee 180 Program. It resets your blood sugar (reduces cravings), so you can eat only when you are physically hungry. And the program will increase lean muscle, which means, more muscle, the less insulin you will need (insulin can be fattening).

Tip #2: Know thyself…when you are stressed, you are not conscious of your choices of when, where and what you consume. Some people eat certain foods for comfort, like ice cream, because they just want to feel better. Some like to chew because of the muscle tension in their jaws. What are your habits?

If you notice you eat ice cream at night time in front of the evening news, turn off the news and go for a walk with a friend. Get to know yourself without judgment (judgment causes stress) and with a coach like myself, a buddy or on your own, set yourself up for success.

Tip #3: Find ways to relax your body. Exercise can be invigorating (aerobics) or relaxing (yoga). Do both on different days. It’s better for your body, and it creates a more adaptable body and mind. And finally, don’t underestimate the power of humor and laughter. Lighten up and laugh every day! Start your day with a smile.

So if you are feeling stressed or hungry, take the next step to balancing your body.  Do it as if your health and quality of your life depends upon it.  It does!

Sign up for my half hour” Discover Session” and find out if working with a health coaching is right for you. Email me to set up a date.

Bon appetite!

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