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I always think of Labor Day weekend as the last days of being carefree.  The last days of Summer means traveling, seeing family and friends and eating a little more and trying out different foods.

This Labor Day travel is in the cards for me. I am going to Fort Worth, Texas to see my family. So not only will I eat food from the parties I will be attending, but when it comes to food, Texas is a whole different culinary country. Last time I was there, I ordered stir fry and could not recognize the individual ingredients. However, they do have great Mexican restaurants, which bring me to this blog’s topic: heartburn and travel.


Almost all of us have experienced heartburn one time or another, but for 8% of Americans, GERD can be severely painful and a daily occurrence.  We spend approximately $13 Million a year on prescription drugs for this condition.

What is GERD? If heartburn occurs more than twice a week, it is considered gastroesophageal reflux disease. It happens when the lower esophageal sphincter, a ring shaped valve between the esophagus and stomach, becomes lax, allowing the acid contents of the stomach, (though the stomach is meant to have acid), to back up into the esophagus. This tube does not have the same resilient lining as the stomach and this acid can cause severe pain.

What do I recommend to my clients who do not want to be on the purple pill for the rest of their life? Rather than putting the fire out, I encourage my clients to build up their digestive juices, put their bodies back in balance and reduce the stress hormone cortisol so that they have the right amount of acid in the first place and better digestion.

My four to go products are:

  • Optiflora System, a system of pre and post biotic that will put the gut back into good bacteria balance.
  • EZ-GEST, a broad spectrum digestive enzyme that is taken before a meal. It is similar to Lactaid but besides absorbing milk, it also absorbs veggies and grains.
  • Stress Relief Complex. Most of us are under stress 70% of time, which tend to effects digestion and elevates cortisol levels which lead to acid problems. This herbal blend supplement will help reduce the impact of stress within 20 minutes.
  • And finally, Stomach Soothing Complex. This supplement is great if you experience gas bloating or stomach pains during your travels. Take the recommended amount on the label and 20 minutes later most people feel relief.


Stress Relief Complexstomachsoothing

Happy travels, eat healthy and support your body as you test and taste new and delicious holiday foods.

Happy Labor Day!!


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This is often the first question I get when meeting new clients.  Many of them get frustrated that they are not able to loose that last 10 pounds and run out of energy by 4 pm every day.

Most of the time this is caused by the ups and downs of consuming too much sugar* and an unbalanced diet.

I start off by asking questions about their health habits


– Daily activities?

-Work habits, family life, etc.

I help them piece together a ‘health puzzle’ to find the clues on what they are missing or consuming too much of. Next I have my clients fill out a questionnaire called the ‘Wellness Profile’, where they check off a cluster of symptoms that are compared to 7,000 people to tell which nutrients they might be missing.

Once the Wellness Profile pinpoints which nutrients might be missing, then we can move to identify which food and supplements they need to compensate for the lost nutrients. The Wellness Profile allows us to see the bigger picture and better plan out a game plan to help the body with the right nutrients to balance itself, gain more energy and start losing weight easily.

Stop the frustration and let  me help you end your Summer in a high note!   Schedule a consultation with me today.

It might be that you just need the 90-Day Turnaround Program or a personalized program suited for you.

For an appointment, email me at dianamaltz@gmail.com.



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I have been teaching fitness since the 90’s and sadly, most people have not fallen in love with exercising or movement (although people do LOVE my classes). Now however, the message has been received: EXERCSE is a must do or suffer the health effects of the diseases of a sedentary society.

Now for a shocker, believe it or not, some of us can’t live without movement. They get cranky when work interferes with their daily workouts – imagine that! I am talking about fitness, in a broad sense: it could be walking, running, dancing, yoga, Pilates, Crossfit or a variety of exercises like I do and teach.

The three most common remarks people make that keep them from falling in love with exercise are:

  1. I am so tired that I don’t have the energy to go to the gym after work. First thing to do after a workout is to hydrate. Drink 20 to 24 ounces of water for each hour of exercise. If the weather is hot and sweaty, drink a sports drink that has a balance of short acting, medium acting and long acting sugar plus electrolytes. Shaklee Performance, a pure hydration drink, which was developed at MIT and is used by elite athletes, contains these acting sugar plus electrolytes to help you hydrate after a long workout.


  2. I am always sore after a workout.  While you can’t totally eliminate soreness, it can be controlled with a proper recovery period and the right nutrition. I want to point out that excessive soreness might mean you haven’t recovered completely or you increased the volume far too quickly. This is called “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” and it occurs 24-48 hours after a workout. After each workout, eat something within the hour. You will need the carbohydrate energy for the next time you workout and this will also allow you to have enough protein to repair muscles or enough fat for hormones (insulin etc.) and joints. I recommend a well-balanced protein smoothie with leucine, like Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee Mix (soy or whey) which has the right amount of recommended carbohydrate. This will increase the repair of the muscle so the body can utilize the protein and soreness will be a thing of the past! I also recommend the Vitalizer, supplements with a rich combination of vitamins and minerals for your body. If you are missing one nutrient you are probably missing others, and the combination has given the best results to my clients. We feel more energetic and we tend to be less sore.


  3. I’m exercising, but I can’t lose weight. Why is that happening? Fact, most people will go on an average of four diet plans a year. When they lose the weight, 40% of the weight loss is muscle=metabolism, not fat. So the next time they go on a diet with their lower metabolism, they have to eat less calories to lose the weight they want to lose. The bottom line is that people are losing the wrong kind of weight. A healthy weight loss program preserves lean muscle mass and reduces fat in the body. Shaklee Turnaround Program accomplishes that. So when you reach your goal, you will have a higher metabolism, be more energetic, have more muscle and a thinner waist.

ImageExperience a Shaklee Smoothee drink on Thursday, August 15th between 6 and 8 pm at our “Smoothee Tasting Party“! To learn more, click on the party link!

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ImageI shared with you last week that travel is good for your health. But who would had thought that the trip being offered by Shaklee this year would go beyond the ordinary.

This year’s destination is Bali, which ties perfectly with my health mantra – live life with zest! Bali is simply a magical place! Have you read Eat, Pray and Love? If not, buy it now and read the chapter on Bali. Bali exudes health, peace, beauty, freshness, it’s simply wonderful!

It all comes to full circle. I’m doing a job that I love and the incentives for helping other people grow their own business are in line with who I am.

So join me and my team, where you’ll become motivated to take this year’s ultimate incentive trip! My hope is to take of few of you with me and see what you can achieve!


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