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The standard tried and true techniques are not working for a lot of my clients and they are feeling sleep deprived, tired, cranky and can’t think straight. And sleep deprivation can cause weight gain. So not getting adequate shut eye for a lot of folks may be the reason for the popularity of zombie movies, because people relate to how a zombie looks and feels.

So why you aren’t getting 6-8 hours of sleep?

  • You are a late night eater. There are two reasons why you would want to close the kitchen 3 hours before bedtime for better sleep:
  • Acid reflux. When we lay down soon after we eat, the acid in the stomach can back up into the esophagus and cause burning. This pain keeps up a lot of clients who have come to me.
  • Night time is when energy switches from keeping us moving to restorative, detoxing and reviving the cells. By eating late, we are not switching to that phase of our day and it can disturb our sleep and lead tired adrenals, (our stress gland). Which leaves us feeling tired all day.
  • You think yoga will help you sleep.
  • Exercise, even yoga stretching, can be a physical stimulus and can rev up your body. In place of that, before going to bed do 15 minutes of conscious relaxation to get your body ready for sleep. Lie on the floor with your legs on the couch at a 90 degree level, place a towel and pillow under your head and neck and cover your eyes (reduces stimulation to the nerve center in the brain that keeps you awake), take slow deep breaths and clear your mind.
  • Or try Shaklee non-habit forming Gentle Sleep Complex. Shaklee’s Gentle Sleep Complex contains passion flower, German chamomile, and valerian. Valerian has been used for over a thousand years because it helps maintain a calm state, promotes relaxation, and is a natural means of promoting restful sleep.

Gentle Sleep Complex

  • You like wine before bed.


  • You fall asleep fast but wake up when the wine has been metabolized and you get knocked out of our sleep cycle. Alcohol is only initially a sedative. Best thing to do is drink with dinner at least 3 hours before bed.
  • Your cortisol levels are off kilter.

When circadian rythumus and the stress response is normal, your cortisol levels are high in the morning and low at night so you can sleep. With the reverse, you eat close to bedtime and cortisol gets your body reved up at a time it should be winding down.

Taking Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex right before bed, helps relax the body and mind by blunting the inappropriate and excessive release of cortisol. Take 2 at bedtime to ease the body into relaxation and rejuvenation.


Look at the circadian chart below, it shows times to eat during the day, so that we have the energy we want all day and are able to rest at night. A few changes in your daily eating patterns will give you more ZZZ’s.


Heed this tips so that dress up as a zombie, and not feel like one.

Live Life with Zest,


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My passion is to help stressed out professionals stay out of the danger zone, like I was back in 1987. I was in the danger zone with pain, allergies, weight gain, depression and uncertainty of what to do next. My twins were 3 years old and I didn’t have the luxury of resting my back. You can imagine the stress of not being able to keep up with energetic boys.

In the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I was stuck in ‘Safety and Security’:

ImageI began my journey after doing a few things to feel better fast. It was then that I was able to tackle the next phase to regain my life after I had hurt my back while working with spinal cord patients – talk about irony!

My first challenge was that my energy was drained from pain. An older gentleman told me that if I took a few Shaklee Supplements (he called them food lets) I would get my body back in balance and I would feel better in 30 days. I didn’t believe him. However, in a week, I started feeling like my old self again physically. My mental health improved and I had the energy to try other things that helped other things. Amazing! This is what I would recommend for anyone who wants to feel like their “old” self again.

  • For breakfast I drank Shaklee Soy Smoothees (non GMO). I felt so good, that I stopped drinking coffee…I didn’t need it!
  • In addition, I took:   

ImageFortunately, now we have Vitalizer, which contains 5 of the supplements I mentioned and more. (Click here for Vitalizer’s informational video.)

ImageThe Vitalizer allows the nutrients to be better absorbed and it’s in a cost effective package.

Feeling better was my first step. I then worked with a chiropractor, and then moved to simple Ivengar yoga classes. In the end, I gained confidence in my body again.

So this Fall, start out with these simple smart ways to feel better and share your progress with us! 

In the next few newsletters, we will discuss how stress can affect sleep and the immune system.

In the meantime, Live Life with Zest!

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