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Stump for gift ideas this holiday? Every year friends and family call me for great, good quality gift ideas. This year, I decided to create a list and yes, I did checked it twice and below are my favorite picks.

Shop from now till November 30th and get FREE shipping for orders over $75.00.

Let the shopping begin!



  • 180 Pomegranate Tea Stick(s) with a Girardelli Chocolate Square with a little note to “enjoy this gift of energy” and to “remember to enjoy all antioxidants all year long.”
  • Energy Chews with a little note to “enjoy the energizing treat of Olympians.”
  • 180 Drink Mix Packet with a little note “a gift of healthy fast food this busy season.”



  • Performance Sports Drink (Orange or Lemon-Lime), 180 Snack Bars, and Joint & Muscle Pain Cream along with a sports bottle, football, soccer ball, a signed ball or signed photograph.
  • 180 Snack Crisps (Sea Salt or Barbecue or both) in a basket circled with ribbon along with some movies or a subscription to NetFlix, etc.




chai tea

  • Cocoa Energizing Soy Protein with the recipe for cocoa soy-peanut butter “energy balls” and a festive container full of them.  Or Instant Protein with a container of fruit or chocolate dessert bars made with it and the recipes.
  • Travel Bag filled with ENFUSELLE Products along with travel magazines and/or a video of a fun destination.
  • Chewable C and/or ENERGY CHEWS in a beautiful candy dish wrapped with a big bow.
  • Instant Protein Soy Mix with pumpkin bread or cranberry/orange bread you’ve made, using it as an ingredient, along with the recipe.
  • 180 Tea with a cute teapot and tea cozy or 180 Vanilla Chai with cool coffee mugs.




vanilla meal shake

  • Basic-H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes and Germ Off Wipes with some fun tub toys, or a set of baby clothes, blanket, etc.  (Include info why these products are safer for baby and the whole family.)
  • MIGHTY SMART “Smart Candy” with books and fun pens for a grade schooler.
  • Vita-Lea, Meal Shake and a SHAKLEE Shaker with a fun wake-up alarm clock.









If you still need more gift’s ideas, visit my online store or shoot me an email at dianamaltz@gmail.com

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and live life with Zest!


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Produce Dramatic Skin Results in 28 Days


Skincare is very important to me, especially since I have very sensitive skin. I remember trying different brands, including expensive brands, and after a few weeks, my skin would return to what it was before – oily, dry spots, and unhealthy looking. One time, I even got what it looked like a chemical burn! Horror!

When I found Enfuselle Skin Care products, my skin immediately felt different and happy!  The products are versatile, which means you get your money worth because there’s no need to try 10 million products. I’ve been using the complete Enfuselle Skin Care system for over 10 years. I constantly get compliments of how radiant my skin looks and I have very little wrinkles for a woman of my age – which makes me very happy!

So this holiday, pamper Your Skin with the Enfuselle Skin Care system. This luxurious skin care system makes your skin look like a million bucks.


The Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care is formulated with our exclusive Vital Repair+® to block ALL those skin-damaging, free radical reactions and encourages you to have healthy cells so you see smooth, luminous skin.  Clinical studies confirmed a remarkable 665% increase in skin firmness in just 28 days. Each system includes:

This holiday we are running a special, become a Shaklee member and get the system (normal to dry OR normal to oily) for $187.45 + a FREE tube of Enfuselle Spa Ultra Moisturizing Shea Butter Cream. This luxurious shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the shea tree and has amazing moisturizing properties with a wonderful consistency that soaks deep into your skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated and it’s paba free!

shea butter

So this holiday start looking younger! If you are in the NYC area, set an appointment and let me show you how to take 10 years off your skin. Contact me at dianamaltz@gmail.com or visit my website.


Beautiful skin is really healthy skin. The same nutrients that keep you healthy in the inside, plays a huge role in keeping you looking good on the outside. It only makes sense that your skin care comes not from a cosmetics company, but from the company that knows nutrition, inside and out.

Be in love with your skin and live life with Zest!

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Stress-less in Italy

Try Lean and Healthy Kit – to avoid weight gain over the holidays

Today I spoke to group of people about stress. We talked about how Biodots can help you become aware of how many times we are stressed out in our day.


Each time you have stress, your heart rate and breathing speed up, muscles tighten, blood pressure goes up, and digestion shuts down so we don’t have the digestive enzymes we need. Our thinking becomes more focused and we operate on the fight or flight channel. (Sympathetic Nervous system)

Our other channel is the rest and digest channel (Parasympathetic nervous system). Both are important but most of us have our the pedal on the medal and we are constantly experiencing physical burn out making fatigue the number one reason people are going to the doctors. In addition, two thirds of us are overweight which means the body is out of balance and depression is on the rise as well as life threatening illnesses like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.  

Is it all in your head? I hear many people say I have stress but I have it under control. Whether you have it “under control” or not, stress is wreaking havoc on all systems and it will show up unless you are the man or women of steel.

We have a three pronged approach to reduce the impact our modern lives are having on the quality of our lives.

  1. Dietary approach:  Keep your blood sugar balanced. Starts by eating a breakfast with 24 grams of protein, like a Shaklee 180 Smoothee and throughout the day eat 5 small meals with protein and carbs together. Research shows that people who do this eat fewer calories during the day. Reduce sugar in your diet. Did you know that the average person eats 22 teaspoons a day of sugar, equivalent to 250 calories, mostly found in processed foods? The American Heart Association recommends 6 teaspoons a day.  Start by eliminating processed foods that contain high in sugar like cereal, salad dressings, and bread. If sugar is one of the first 3 ingredients, it is 50% sugar.
  2. Supplements:  We burn through nutrients under stress. Replenish your nutrients with:
  • B-Complex: The “stress vitamins” often recommended for depression, PMS, mood swings, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, mental confusion, sugar cravings, hypoglycemia, anxiety attacks, cracks on the corner of your mouth, low immunity and hair loss. B vitamins are depleted by sugar, alcohol, mental and physical stress, processed foods, and caffeine. Essential to normal weight, B vitamins convert food to energy and during weight loss, fats to energy.
  • Sustained Release Vita-C: Lost under stress, it is an antioxidant that offers protection from colds, viruses and infection AND many of us do not get enough vitamin C from our diet.
  • Optiflora – Because “bad” bacteria in our intestine can cause excess gas & bloating, weaken our immune system, and increase our risk of cancer AND Optiflora prevents those problems by providing a regular source of “good” bacteria, which crowd the “bad” bacteria out of our system. Stress reduces our good bacteria leaving us open to infection from viruses.
  • Essential Omega-3 Complex: Because studies have shown that populations that consume fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids have a very low risk of heart attack and stroke AND clinical studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids reduce at least three of the major risk factors associated with heart disease. It is also known to be used for depression. Did you know our brain is composed of good fat?
  • Unsure of what to take from above? Vitalizer is a comprehensive program which addresses all our lack of nutrients we lose while being stressed.   


 The Wellness Profile Program is a special service for people who are not sure which supplements to take.


Fill out our assessment form of clusters of symptoms and we recommend a program specifically for you. I can also see areas of concerns like digestion, sugar issues, and adrenal fatigue, which is a result of stress. In addition, you will learn which foods to add to fill in the nutritional gap.

Wellness Profile: normally $125, now $99 during the month of November. GREAT GIFT!

Zesty Tip
Have stress in your head? Teach the body to reduce your stress efforts with simple breathing practices. Alternate Nose Breathing balances the right and left brain, regular practice can teach the body not to overreact to each stressful event.


My favorite balance exercise is Qigong, a Chinese health practice based on gentle movements, meditation and breathing. It is a good practice to teach the body to respond less.

Kick stress out of your head by starting with a balanced nutritional plan supplemented with vitamins. Adopt a breathing routine and/ or add a QiGong practice to bring mind and body in sync.

In the meantime, live life with Zest!





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