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You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate the Super Bowl. You don’t have to be a fan and not know that the Seattle Seahawks will be playing this Sunday in the Super Bowl. One of the reasons why the Seattle Seahawks are in the Super Bowl is because they have a strong defense.

To build their strong defense, they had to planned, recruited the best players and built the foundation for their defense team.

Our immune system in our bodies is the same. We need to plan, recruit and build a foundation for a strong immune system that will defend us against viruses, colds, the flu, bronchitis, cancer, etc. Environmental toxins can also trigger immune system breakdown.  Every season we hear of outbreaks of avian flu, SARS, other kinds of potential epidemics. If you ever been knocked down by a cold or the flu, you usually take a cold medicine which makes you groggy and you feel fine for a few hours. I personally like to avoid being sick all together. So instead of taking some over-the-counter medicine, have you thought of building a strong foundation for your immune system?

Your plan is to reconfigure your medicine cabinet with supplements and herbs that empower your immune system. Recruit your immune defense team: Nutriferon, a shield against coughs, sneezes, sick little kids, etc. And finally build your foundation so that if a bug does try to knock you down, you standing on a strong foundation built with Vitalizer, Shaklee 180 Smoothee and Vivix.

So when you see those guys banging against each other on Super Bowl Sunday, remember DEFENSE is the name of the game! I don’t know who you’ll be rooting for on Sunday, but this is my Super Bowl team – don’t forget to recruit them for your team!


Live life with ZEST!


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Eat the right kind of protein throughout the day.

A recent study showed eating lean Protein throughout the day increased satiety. That means it reduces cravings, while it helps build muscle. Muscle equals metabolism! Consider this: on most diets we lose 40% of our weight in muscle. Eating 20 grams of protein in each of your 3 daily meals, plus 5 grams of protein with a snack, is a great way to keep lean muscle. That muscle will help you continue to burn off more calories, and 7 lbs will look like more because muscle looks leaner than fat.

Be sure to optimize your nutrients with nutritious foods and high quality supplements.

Keep in mind that all calories are not created equal. Eating 150 calories in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is not the same as eating 2 oz of raw almonds (approx. a small handful). The almonds will fill you up more without any regrets. A study published in the Jnternational Journal of Obesity said the addition of almonds to a low calorie diet led to 62% more weight loss, a 50% decrease in waist circumference, and 56% greater decrease in fat muscle. It just goes to show that each food does not pack the same punch to the metabolism. Almonds anyone?

Schedule the times of day you eat.

This will help you will stay in control of those weak moments that cause you to gravitate to a vending machine. Make sure you eat well and truly enjoy the food you are eating. Eating well is the only way to lose weight.

The Shaklee 180 program is designed to help you feel full and full of energy while you lose inches and retrain your body to eat healthier. Ask me for more details about this program.

Live life with ZEST!


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Celebration Dance

Check out this 10 second clip from a conference I attended this weekend. Everyone in attendance who had lost weight on the Shaklee 180 program was invited to stand up and have a celebration dance. Look at all these happy faces! VIDEO

One woman in the group, wearing the green shirt, just had a baby 6 weeks ago! She looks so fantastic. How did she do it? It’s all about strategy & some great supplements. Talk to me about the Shaklee 180 program and how it can work for you.

I even have something to sweeten the deal. New clients who stay on the program for 3 months will be eligible for free products and free shipping! Sign up ends at the end of the month, so act fast!

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Did you know that Shaklee 180 is the weight loss program of the stars? Celebrity trainer Haley Pasternak recommends our products. Check it out.

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