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Great news: my back is getting better! I have been seeing a great chiropractor, going for acupuncture sessions and taking boswellia (Shaklee’s Pain Relief Complex), Fish Oil and Stress Relief complex to relax my back muscles and drinking two protein shakes a day! So I am working inside and out!

The inflammation I am experiencing may put me at risk for the following killer diseases of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

timeToday I would like to increase your understanding of inflammation and offer complementary solutions for reducing your risk of the diseases it can cause. What is inflammation? Inflammation is that throbbing feeling you get after a paper cut. Inflammation is your white blood cells coming along and attacking bacteria and then cleaning up the debris after the job is done. But, what happens is that often a wrong signal is sent to your immune system (caused by eating inflammatory foods, persistent stress, etc.) and your immune system attacks healthy parts of the body! The longer this process is occurring in the blood stream, the more probable it can lead to high blood pressure or a heart attack because it causes more damage to blood vessels. Or, it could damage the DNA of a cell and lead to cancer. It can also lead to diabetes.

With the prevention of these 3 diseases in mind, I’m taking the following supplements:

Pain Relief Complex: Bosweilia extract 1000mg, Safflower extract 150 mg. Highly potent anti-inflammatory, relieves pain in joints caused by overexertion and improves restricted movement. It also relieves back pain effectively.

OmegaGuard: A full-spectrum potency of 7Omegas -3’s and is better than food sources of fish oil. Reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing triglycerides and cholesterol. Lowers blood pressure. In a study published in Lancet, it reduced inflammation – less morning stiffness and fewer tender joints. For me, three capsules per day has significantly improved my morning stiffness.

Stress Relief Complex: Herbal formula with L-theanine 100mg, Ashwagandha Root Extract 100mg, Beta Sitosterol. It blocks the release of cortisol, and the total benefit is being alert and relaxed. Because the muscles are relaxed, I have less pain!

Shaklee 180 Smoothee: Since I am twisting and turning my joints and doing exercises, I need to recover. The Leucine in the smoothees helps me repair and rebuild quickly. They also help with weight control!

We can’t avoid some of the causes of inflammation but we can reduce the impact and the actual inflammation with some of the products I mentioned.

I hope you find these as helpful as I have!

Live life with Zest,

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Spring is ALMOST here and it is time to be active. Yay! I like to celebrate the wonderful weather by taking long walks, doing yoga, dancing, and going to the gym! I look forward to spring, because I naturally become more active which makes it easier it to lose those next 7 Pounds.

Unfortunately, there is a glitch in my plan this year — I am having back pain. The MRI shows structural issues. What am I doing for it? I am going to a good chiropractor, stretching, doing gentle exercises and limiting some of my usual activity. Even still, pain is pain! So what can you do about pain?

Eat More Alkaline Foods

Did you know that inflammation (the primary cause of pain) has a role in daily aches and pains, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and general health? So by shifting my diet to an anti inflammatory diet, it helps me reduce my pain, lose weight and prevent the other complications mentioned above.

Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Red Pepper, Avocado

Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Red Pepper, Avocado

Anti-inflammatory diets can help prevent the body from becoming too acid, which causes inflammation. When the bodys’ chemistry is too acid, our naturally good inflammation system can start to attack our joints, immune system, blood vessels etc.

So what do we want to add to our diet? Foods that make the body more alkaline after they are digested.

Each day I eat at least 3 of the 7 most alkaline foods either raw, steamed or in my Shaklee 180 Smoothee (recipe for a St. Patrick’s day Smoothee at the end of the post!).

Reduce Sugar Intake

Have you ever noticed how after eating a rich dessert, you ache? I have, and research is backing that up. In 2004, a study was published where diabetic patients were given a sweetened drink and levels of inflammation rose immediately – and lasted 3 hours!

Imagine having juice for breakfast, a bagel (which breaks down into sugar quickly) for a mid morning snack, then a sandwich for lunch, followed by maybe a little cookie for a mid-afternoon snack, and chicken and potatoes for dinner. With this kind of diet, it’s easy to see how we are keeping those inflammatory cells in the blood all day long, every day! Having the inflammatory cells in the blood for too long will damage blood vessels, the DNA of cells and the cartilage of joints (causing arthritis).

To prevent this, I’m reducing the extra sugar I eat in the afternoon by replacing Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups with a Shaklee snack bar, or a handful of walnuts or almonds that I carry in my purse.

So how do you reduce those afternoon sugar cravings in the first place? For one, be sure to eat a high-protein breakfast.

Being a busy professional, breakfast needs to be quick and convenient, so I choose the Shaklee 180 Smoothee for breakfast. It contains:

• 24 grams of Protein like in 4 eggs
• 6 grams of fiber like a bowl and a half of oatmeal
• 23 antioxidant vitamins and minerals

With a high-protein breakfast that contains fiber and a multitude of vitamins and minerals, my sugar cravings are reduced all day long.

Choose the Right Supplements

1. Organically grown Alfalfa: Natural antihistamine, anti inflammatory, diuretic and digestive aid. The tablets can be swallowed or made into a tea.

2. Vivix Liquid Dietary Supplement: Made from Muscadine grapes and clinically proven to reduce inflammation in a recent study. They took two groups of people both eating the same type of diet, and the group taking Vivix did not have the same rise in damaging inflammatory cells after each meal.

3. OmegaGuard: A full-spectrum (7 ultra pure) omega-3 fish oil that reduces inflammation and also supports brain health. Fish oils are also commonly used in patients with depression.

My healing is a journey, and I didn’t get here overnight. I will discuss this journey more in future posts! One exercise I can do that really helps with inflammation is Chi Kung. I feel like I can DO something during this healing time, and I can continue to teach.

If you want more energy, less fatigue or lose just 7 pounds, check out this link for a good way to get started:


Live Life with Zest

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I hope you enjoy this Shamrock Smoothee recipe:


2 scoops Vanilla Shaklee 180
1 handful of Spinach/chard
1/4 cup pineapple chunks
1 inch ginger root
2 oz water

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