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What does “that” white powdery substance, sugar have to do with diabetes and weight?

Recently, as I preparing for a speaking engagement, I was talking with one of my clients about sugar cravings and how it interferes with her life. She noticed she felt depressed everyday around 4pm . It held her back from going to the gym after work.

sugarI asked her what she had for breakfast (bagel and coffee) and lunch, and a muffin was her answer. Amazingly enough, by incorporating a healthy, balanced lunch, her mood changed within a week – and her aches and pains were gone.

Sugar in excess causes weight gain, among other problems. Did you know the American Heart Association recommends only 6 tsp of added sugar daily and most people take in three times that amount?

Sugar in excess is linked to type 2 diabetes, elevated triglycerides, heart disease, depression, autoimmune diseases (arthritis and MS), migraines, gout and osteoporosis.

To combat this epidemic, I am introducing a 4 week personalized program to help reduce your sugar threshold so you can once and for all say no to those everyday cravings that are affecting the quality of your life.  With this program, you will:

  • Receive a personalized evaluation of your eating style
  • Learn to recognize the craving triggers
  • Replace sugary items with healthier, better tasting food
  • Create a game plan for the future

I have been working with clients for over 30 years in all kinds of situations – the hospital, the gym, insurance companies and in my office. Throughout this time I have seen people make wonderful changes. So are you ready to make a change?

Email me to see if this new and exciting program is right for you.

You have 3 choices of which program of Shaklee supplements you would like to add to the program or use independently.  Using the supplements will balance the body and make the transition smoother.

  1. Basic Balance Kit: Vita-Lea, B-Complex, and Glucose Regulation Complex
  2. Lean and Healthy Kit
  3. Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit

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Who’s been enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve had lately? I know I have!

allergiesUnfortunately, with those spring flowers also comes allergies for many people. I wrote about this topic a few weeks ago, and the reason why I am addressing it again is that I am still hearing a lot about those watery itchy eyes! It can make you miserable and cost you a lot of money in over the counter medications.

Here are suggestions on how to fill your medicine cabinet with products that really fix the problem and build your health:

First, it’s important to know that an allergy is simply an over-reaction of the immune system to a foreign protein substance. That’s right – it’s all about your immune system!

There are three key approaches for allergy relief:

1. Rebuild the immune system. To stave off allergies, having a strong, a healthy immune system is imperative. Taking a regular supplement like the Vitalizer is a great way to give your body everything it needs to keep defenses up. In just one daily serving, it provides a spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics.


Another great option for strong immunity is NutriFeron, which increases the production of interferon, a critical activator of the immune system. Additionally, the Alfalfa Complex is a natural antihistimine (no more over the counter drugs!) that helps with asthma, allergies and arthritis.

And don’t forget about the Garlic Compex – this anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal supplement will get rid of those painful sinus infections.

2. Restore digestive tract. Pop quiz: Where does 70% of your immune system lie? The answer is: in your gut! This is why it’s so important to restore the digestive tract to combat allergies. Providing it with the proper bacteria will enhance your immune responses as well as provide relief from bloating. A Probiotic Complex can assist.

3. Remove toxins from your environment. There are hundreds of toxins that most of us come in contact with every day, and unfortunately, many of them we can’t do much about. But the one thing that you have total control over is the types of cleaners you use in your home.

Common household cleaners contain toxic chemicals, and removing them from your home can have a great impact on your health. Our Get Clean line is:

–       Non-toxic

–       Leaves no harmful residues

–       Safe around children, animals and sensitive adults

–       Biodegradable

–       Outperforms many leading natural brands

With a strong immune system, digestive system and a healthy home, you can get rid of pesky allergies and get back to enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

Live Life With Zest,

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It is time to pump it up! I want to lose 7 pounds so I can feel like my active, youthful, perky self again.

What will I do to get started? Here are my routines:

Both ladies weigh 150 lbs

Both ladies weigh 150 lbs

First thing, I drink my Shaklee 180 Strawberry Shake, with 1 cup of frozen strawberries and 1 cup of soymilk. I also take my Vitalizer strip with this.

Right off the bat, I have jump-started my day. My blood sugar is good so my energy

is great! I know I am building muscle so I will look trimmer than the numbers on the scale. And the shake has Amino Acid Leucine, so I feel full and satisfied.

To pump up my metabolism, I also put the Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea in my shake. It’s in powder form and I can drink it hot or cold. There is an ingredient in green tea that naturally perks you up and boosts your metabolism.

I know my energy can go up and down so I also include one per meal of Shaklee Metabolic Boost. I want my mood and energy going strong so I can keep going and stay on track!

Every Morning:

I meditate for 15 minutes to focus on accomplishing my 7-pound weight loss of FAT, not muscle. So no new fads for me! I am seeing friends at a party in 3 weeks so 7 pounds is possible. I can easily see myself zipping up my jeans and wearing a fitted top! No oversized blouse for me. Whoopee!

I do 10 minutes of burst exercises, with some light weights to pump my energy up and then 10 minutes of chi Kung and yoga.


Three classes per week and 30 minutes of walking per day. I make sure I drink water 8oz before and after an exercise session.

I also always carry the Shaklee 180 snack bars with me so I make no mistakes. I know there are times I am desperate to eat so it’s important to have a healthy snack handy!

Lunch and Dinner:

turnaroundI have another shake for lunch. Bonus perk: I love how my skin, hair and nails look with this high quality protein! It really is an investment in living life with zest.

I make sure I eat my salad and vegetables first before lunch and dinner. I have also reviewed my portion sizes of protein and starches. I am also writing down everything that I put in my mouth and how I feel. This is important!

I allow myself a wine spritzer twice a week. We go to a lot of social events and that sugary glass of wine does me in so I try to limit my intake. I take a Stress Relief Complex or a B-Complex before going to events. Drinking usually helps me relax, but this contains far fewer calories and I feel great within 10 minutes.

At the end of the day, I stretch and take time to be grateful for my life and congratulate myself for a job well done.

Want to join me for three weeks of pumping it up in a healthy balanced way?

Here is the link to some of the products that I love. http://bit.ly/IpKkkt

exerciseFYI: A recent study showed that 2 groups of people were doing the same diet and exercise program, but one group used the Shaklee 180 shake and the vitalizer. At the end of 9 months, the Shaklee 180 group lost 50% more fat and gained 25% more muscle!



Live Life with Zest,


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When we were little our moms taught us cleanliness and how to wash our hands. Our lives began with nourishing food, from the breast to the table. We learned good nutrition and were guided to eat well so we could learn and grow.

Mother's Day 1964

Mother’s Day 1964

School days began and our wardrobes were orchestrated by mom, many times to our dismay, like being forced to wear a hat when it was cold outside (but mom, it will mess up my hair!). We learned that fashion is less important when the weather is below zero and that certain behaviors are just asking for the cold or flu.

And bedtime, it was always too early. We thought we’d surely miss something. But we learned that getting enough sleep revitalizes our bodies.  I remember hearing often, “Go outside and play!” We learned to exercise daily and keep active. These treasures are all gifts of love from mom because they are the foundations for vibrant health.Now we are adults, and the tendency is to forget all of those powerful love messages, although they were not always delivered with warmth (you march in there!).

This week I spoke to a group on Cancer Prevention. “The National Cancer Institute says 60% of all Cancer Related Deaths can be prevented by taking care of our bodies first, getting proper nutrition, taking supplements, being physically active, losing weight and stopping smoking.”

So where did we put our bodies well being on our To-Do List? In gratitude for our moms’ efforts let’s begin our days by taking care of the most important asset we have – our physical well-being. Begin your day with:

Be grateful.  And thank your mom for the most powerful gifts she has given to you. Happy Mothers’ day to my Mom (she passed away when I was in my 20’s) and all the people in my life who “mothered” me.

Live Life with Zest,

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I am here to help you get started..

Link:  http://bit.ly/1kWRrxg

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