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Screenshot 2015-01-21 14.39.13We all are excited about what we want to change for the new year. I often hear, “This is the year, I am going to lose those last 10 pounds,” “I’ll look so good on the beach when I go to Cancun or Puerto Rico in March,” Or “I’m going to lose weight for a wedding or bar mitzvah. I will be so happy to see so-and-so with this new bod!”

However, if you don’t choose the right diet approach, you could find yourself sliding downwards instead of climbing the ladder. So many diet approaches give you short-lived results.

There are many important benefits to choosing a program that is ultimately about building health, not just weight loss. Here are the three important stages we experience as we move up the ladder of rebuilding our health:


When you start climbing the ladder to optimum health, you’ll notice that many of your body complaints are dissipating. Whether it’s fatigue, aches and pains, sleep issues, or digestive issues, these can start to reverse within three days to three months.

The smoothees and supplements in the Shaklee 180 program strategically improve the health of your cells, which improves symptoms.


It’s not just about losing weight – you will be rebuilding at a cellular level to boost your immune system, balance your blood sugar, strengthen your cardiovascular system and more. This occurs within three months to three years. You’ll be treating the cause of your health problems, not just the symptoms like so many other programs do.

The Shaklee Vitalizer helps the process of rebuilding and repair.



Imagine that you are in a room full of people and one of them has the flu. Some of the others in the room catch the flu and some do not. Why is that?

When you have built resistance, you will be more able to fight off both common illnesses and major diseases. Your cells are rebuilding and repairing, functioning better, and you’re climbing the ladder to optimum health.

Optimum Health

When you’ve reached optimum health, you’ll feel as good as you can feel, each and every day.

Maintaining your ideal weight is easier at optimum health. Weight loss is about so much more than cutting calories and tracking the number on the scale. It’s about your body having consistent nutrition so that it can balance itself out and rebuild, which brings you to optimum health. That’s what the Shaklee 180 program is all about – losing the right kind of weight (fat, not muscle) while gaining optimum health.

Until March, we have a bunch of specials going on. One is by using the Shaklee App, you qualify to win prizes every week! The second is a weight loss challenge with a top prize of $500. The third is a “Healthy Competition” where you will be flown to San Francisco, and you can star in your own photo shoot! See the video from last year’s competition:

Healthy Competition Winners: January 2014 from Shaklee Corporation on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in any of these specials, the clock is ticking! Ask me today how to get started.

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Happy New Year!

With the New Year begins the race to lose weight. We make resolutions, join gyms and eat less. But, within a week or two we are back to our old habits again! We are back to our food addictions and unhealthy lifestyles again! That’s the definition of crazy, isn’t it? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It’s time to embrace self-care back into our lives. That means living consciously where we make decisions based on what we eat and how hard we work so we can build a healthy, vibrant body.

We give up on our new healthy habits because we don’t see instant results. So how fast is fast enough? How fast we lose weight does matter. No one loses 11 pounds in a week and keeps it off. It is the small, consistent changes that make the big difference, and most of the time, diet and exercise alone doesn’t work!

Photo Source: Bigstock

Photo Source: Bigstock

To kick start your new healthy year, I am offering you the opportunity to take THE CHALLENGE, WIN WEEKLY PRIZES OR MAYBE THE FIRST PLACE PRIZE OF $500!

Jacqui McCoy, a television personality from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, gave Shaklee a challenge to lose 40,000 pounds as a group between January 6th and March 31st. So do you want to be part of a challenge to lose 10 pounds or more? Jacqui knows that diet and exercise alone doesn’t always work. She has a compelling story. She was 30 years old, obese and had a disease that prevented her from having a baby. She wanted desperately to have one.

She successfully lost 207 pounds in one year on the TV show Extreme Makeover. Her job that year was to eat right and exercise to get her body back, and she did it! However, her hormones were still out of balance and she was unable to conceive. What was worse, she started to gain her weight back! Her mother recently lost weight on the Shaklee 180 program. Jacqui loved the convenience of the Shaklee 180 Smoothees, Metabolic Boost, Energizing Teas and she only had to prepare one meal per day. With Shaklee, she had natural nutrition to fill in the gaps! She felt great and was losing 1-2 pounds per week. The best news is that she had a baby girl last August!

What health goals do you have? Would you like to feel good in your body? My challenge involves a 90-day program where you can address the simple lifestyle changes that make weight loss sustainable and gets your body functioning at its best. Forget about quick fixes and yo-yo dieting – slow and steady wins the race. Take the challenge today! 

Get started by e-mailing me at diana@zestylifenyc.com or calling 216-526-5496.

Live Life With Zest,

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