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It’s summer, time for fun, however work and obligations don’t allow us to take a LONG enough vacation. In fact, this time of the year, reminds me of when I was a child and wanted to go out and play – I would rush, rush to get my chores done or I would miss the fun! Now I go away on weekends and have only 5 days to get my work done and I feel that same pressure.

So summer isn’t always so relaxing, in fact it can be stressful. So here are some tips to help reduce stress as we balance the joys of summer living with our life obligations.

  1. Re-train the brain: Meditation along with deep breathing will reduce anxiety. Research suggests that meditation can change the brains neural pathways. Our brains are like a field of grass, when we walk on one path (have a repetitive thought, good or bad), it creates a grove in the brain. Meditation will help create a beneficial one versus a reactive one.

Meditation is as easy as: Sit with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes, place one hand on your chest and one on your belly. Breathe and focus on bringing the breath down to your belly for a deeper breath. Inhale through the nose; exhale through the mouth saying AAAH with a sound. With each breath, elongate the exhale. Now breathe in peace and open your eyes!

  1. Tune into your body and Tone your body Take a few minutes at work, or on the subway and notice areas where you are holding tension. Focus on those areas and use your breath to release the stress. Movement forms like Qigong and Yoga are great ways to gently release stiff muscles. However, sometimes a great run, body workout or quick walk is the way to go. Stretch before. Contracted muscles are shortened muscles and can cause pain and limited movement, which why stretching before an energetic workout will help your muscles recover and you won’t have pain, tension and feel stressed! Aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day will release endorphins, a natural high!
  1. What to eat to reduce the stress impact:
    • Complex carbs like whole grain breads and oatmeal increases the level of serotonin, which is a calming brain chemical. In addition, whole grains contain Vitamin B, Magnesium and more, that help calm the nerves.
    • Oranges: Vitamin C can help curb levels of stress hormones and improve the immune system. Take Vitamin C before a stressful task and you’ll reduce the level of cortisol.
    • Omega 3: Eating 3oz of cold-water fish, like salmon, tuna and mackerel, twice a week prevents surges of stress hormones.
    • Pistachios, walnuts, and almonds protect against the effects of stress by reducing inflammation. But remember, only a handful, since they contain lots of calories.
    • Raw Vegetables: A pure mechanical way for reducing stress. Munching celeries or carrots, helps release clenched jaw and ward off tension
  1. Shaklee 180 Smoothees give your body the burst of energy your need daily. I like to drink it for breakfast, it’s fast, easy and sets up my day perfectly blood sugar level wise (I have less cravings). Some of my customers use it for dinner with an arugula salad, feta cheese, watermelon and avocado. It’s an easy dinner!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 6.32.09 PM

  1. 5. Supplements: Since we don’t eat perfectly everyday, a sophisticated supplement program is no longer a luxury but a necessity in this fast pace world, no matter the season. Let me introduce you to a product I love to recommend: The Shaklee Vitalizer. It contains all of the nutrients you see below.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 6.33.05 PM

To zap stress for good, pick one of these tips to implement each week. See what happens in just a month!

Live Life With Zest,

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No matter how old your kids are, lose

Hello June Challenge participants and Shaklee members!

In the real world, we aren’t perfect. Shocking! So if you participated in our 10 Pound Turnaround in June and didn’t meet your goal, don’t be too hard on yourself. All that matters is that you keep going. Which is why you can enter the next month, July 1st! And since you probably already dropped a few pounds in June, you are ahead of the game. You are looking AND feeling great NOW!

For this challenge, the purpose of incorporating the Shaklee 180 Smoothees, Energizing Tea, Shaklee 180 Metabolic boost and/or Vitalizer in your daily routine to help you stay on track, When your body (cells) are happy, meaning well-nourished, you are less reactive with your food choices, whether you are at a party or just out of your regular daily routine. Your body doesn’t go into crave mode and your head is clear when you are making choices. 

Even when I travel I am consistently drinking one Shaklee 180 Smoothee a day (or a Shaklee 180 meal bar), one convenient Vitalizer strip, and the Shaklee 180 Boost with meals. It makes a huge difference. I like that I can actually feel the difference. PLUS, there is science behind what I am feeling. A YMCA study recently showed that my regime of the Smoothee and Vitalizer, at the end of a 9 month study, participants lost 50% more fat and gained 25% more lean muscle than the food alone group  AND participants in the study showed an improvement in BONE DENSITY. 

To help you keep trim over the summer, The first prize will be given June 30 for losing 10 pounds or an inch off your waist and hips. We will continue to do this at the end of each month. 

  • Check in with a text or email your weight, waist and hip measurements on MONDAY
  • To qualify for the prizes each month, place your Shaklee products on auto ship or purchase 2 Smoothees (or 4 boxes of Meal Bars) and the Vitalizer or Boost each month
  • Get an additional 10% off the Vitalizer and Shaklee Metaboilc boost when they are on autoship
  • Keeping yourself on track with the products will give you the best results

What are the prizes? Since your skin needs nutrition too, it will be the two products from the Enfuselle Skin Care Line that I offered last year as a Holiday gift.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.10.29 PM

Live Life With Zest,

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What can ruin a summer party more than a crushing pain in your chest?

Is it digestion or is it a heart attack? You go to the doctor and she/he rules out heart disease and says you have GERD (digestive issues). They want to start you on that little purple pill and you know enough to be aware that it doesn’t fix the problem. It actually creates other problems. Here are some facts about digestion that may help you fix the problem with or without the little purple pill.

Your stomach is an acid machine. It makes HCL (hydrochorlic acid) to help digest proteins and calcium. Acid kills bacteria so you don’t succumb to things like H-pylori bacteria which can cause ulcers. When your stomach digests it churns. The more HCL it has, the less it has to churn so that the digestive enzymes can be in touch with the food. If they are not in touch the food, it ferments and forms acid. The stomach churns harder to put the juices together and when some if it regurgitates back up the esophagus, this causes the symptoms of heartburn.

Fermented food acid hitting the esophagus and causing extreme pain is the result of not ENOUGH HCL and DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

WHAT DOES THE LITTLE PURPLE PILL DO? IT FURTHER REDUCES the HCL. This reduces the immediate pain but it is addingto the cause of the problem in the first place.

What to do?

Take a stomach acid self-test: Take a Tbsp of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar when you feel the pain. If the pain is relieved, you have low stomach acid levels. Taking a tbsp. of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar before a meal may help promote acid production and aid digestion. Avoid drinking liquids with a meal, it dilutes stomach secretions of acid. Avoid ice cold drinks. It freezes the tissues that produce the secretions.

Take healthy Supplements that make a difference:

1 —EZ Gest: taken with meals is very effective. It contains enzymes for all the food groups, when you look at other products they handle lactose (milk) or beans etc. More enzymes break the foods down and prevent the fermented acid that causes the pain. Take before each meal. Adding Alfalfa to EZ-Gest at the beginning of a meal can reduce symptoms.

2 –If the acid test tells you have too much stomach acid, (the pain worsens when you take the tablespoon of lemon or apple cider vinegar) take Cal Mag chewables at first sign of heartburn. Consider the dietary connections of foods such as spicy foods, fatty/fried foods, alcohol, citrus, chocolate, tomato sauce, and carbonated beverages.

3–Use the Optiflora system to balance the microflora of the intestine, which helps digestion and prevents fermentation and the acids that irritate.

4—Take a daily B-Complex, which helps with digesting the proteins and lessens the work on the stomach and prevents fermentation of the acids.

5–Stomach Soothing Complex: It contains peppermint, ginger, anise, fennel — all fabulous for good digestion and relieves gas pains. It works within 20 minutes. This is good to have in the medicine cabinet.

Here are some other recommendations:

  1. Do not lie down within 2-3 hours after eating.
  2. Lose 15 pounds to put less pressure on the diaphragm, which pushes things up. The acid gets pushed into the esophagus.
  3. Do not eat within 3 hours of bedtime

More Information about your stomach’s Hydrochloric acid:

  1. It is reduced by a diet high in red meat, dairy and processed foods
  2. Protein, Calcium and iron require a good “Acid/HCL soak.” (If you have low acid it may mean you are not getting what you need even though you eat enough food.)
  3. HCL levels decrease with age.
  4. Over 40-levels less than half of those at age 18.
  5. Age 60-65-dramatic decrease. Important to take digestive enzymes and other nutrients (Optiflora and B-Complex).

Summer should be a time of fun. Take good care of your digestion and it will give you the vitality you want at any age. If you have an issue, start from the cause of an issue so you improve your overall health.

Let me know if you would like some help around this issue. I am offering a complementary 20-minute consultation from now until June 30. Schedule it now!

Live Life With Zest,

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