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It looks like August 2015 will be the highlight of mine. August 1st is my birthday, I’ll be going away to Saratoga Springs to spend time with dear friends. Then off to Cleveland! You all know that for the past 27 years or more of my life, Shaklee has given me everything I’ve wanted in a career. Fabulous business partners, wonderful health, freedom to set my own hours and best of all, I set my own income.

The company is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary of Dr. Shaklee’s vitalized minerals. The first multivitamin and mineral supplement! So this will be a celebration and revisiting friends of many years. How I look is important as well as how I have been doing. We are heading off to the Cape for my special nieces’s wedding. This will be a tear jerker! I am using these occasions to show how young I can look and feel.

Shaklee Lean & Healthy Kit

Shaklee Lean & Healthy Kit

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit

Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit

Last week I started the 5-day reset that I have been talking about. I lost 3.5 pounds! So excited. I feel great, I’m sleeping better and my clothes feel a little looser! If you have some special events that mark the times of your life and want to lose 5-10 pounds, now is the time. Order now to start August 1st. You can order Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit so you have all the tools to bump it up! The Lean and Healthy Kit is also great for losing a few pounds over a month but whichever way you go, I start with the 5-day reset. It pumps you up and shows you can do it!

Use these times of your life to bump your life up a notch. And enjoy all the times of your life with zest and health!

Live Life With Zest,

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Special! Free shipping on orders over $75. Offer ends July 15th. 

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You’re off to your beach. You’ve just lost 10 pounds, your clothes are looking great on your new trim body.

What shall I pack? Consider packing a trim mindset.

It does not take long when we are out of our daily habits to lose ground and regain those 10 pounds! Here are 8 tips to help you stay on track:

1. You accomplished your goal by becoming aware of what habits needed to change, what were those habits? Perhaps, it was drinking 2 glasses of wine everyday. Make a list so you can, with a mindset decide, beforehand what you need to do to keep that weight off.

2. Check out where you are going. What kind of food do they have there? What
are the best restaurants for healthy, tasty food? Don’t go there blindly. Find our what you want to eat beforehand, and be positive! Be a foodie about what is healthier.

3. Create a journal about which local foods you love and that love you, and get recipes to explore when you go home.

4. Have packaged smoothees once a day, preferably at breakfast to start your day and your blood sugar off right. Shaklee 180 Smoothee Packets work well for me.

5. Don’t leaving snacking to chance, carry snack bars, nuts or what else is portable.

6. Take your vitamins, keep your body’s energy consistent that will effect your food choices. We all know how our willpower is when we are crabby, tired or feeling “off.”

7. Drink enough water, best if it is lemon water. This will keep your body alkaline. This strengthens the immune system.

8. Avoid sugary foods, that will effect your mood and enjoyment. Sugary foods will affect your immune system for things like sinus infections. Your body is out of it’s normal habit with the travel, and lots of sugar makes you feel even more out of it! Carry around Shaklee’s Optiflora, it will help with sugar cravings and immune system.

The right mindset about travel and celebrating will make a huge difference in how your trip goes. It is no fun being sick in a hotel room on your dream vacation!

Hear more tips on travel and health on web radio on July 23.

How about those 10 pounds? Want a convenient way to let go of them? Shaklee 180 helps you lose the fat and keep the muscle, the key to keeping your weight off.

Live Life With Zest,



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