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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Now this looks like a happy crew! Well in this case looks are NOT deceiving. Looking at this picture puts a smile on my face. Especially since we will be spending Thanksgiving  together and I can expect it to be a festive and loving experience.

I have sadness thinking of who will not be there, my son Dan is in San Diego and I miss him. My father and step mom are in Texas with my sister, Linda. It never feels complete during the holidays without them.

What do you expect your holidays to be this year? Family gatherings can be a very mixed bag with weddings, new babies, divorces, illnesses, deaths and conflict. One of the secrets to dynamic health are fulfilling relationships. It is part of Nutrition for the soul, as John Maxwell, a prominent motivational speaker recently said on a podcast.  I feel so grateful to have these people in my life and I realize this year that being in gratitude enhances those relationships. In addition,  I love the fact that I have a business that I am a part of so many of your lives. The fact that you share your concerns and that I can help with tools that have changed the trajectory of my health and life.

So in the spirit of gratitude I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and Healthy Holiday season!

Today I’d like to say how grateful I am to have each of you in my life!


do what you love

Be sure to take advantage of these special holiday offers! Here are some of my favorite holiday savers:

  1. Stress Relief Complex: With holiday celebrations comes stress, high cortisol levels and weight gain. Sometimes we can’t avoid the stress but can avoid the damage with this product. As one client said: “It worked so quickly, I felt lighter and clearer.” Take one or 2 daily.
  1. Nutriferon: With everyone coughing and door knobs with germs in them, taking Nutriferon puts your immune system on the alert. One client had a cold coming on, aches and pains, runny nose. He took 2 and then 2 more, 2 hours later, rested that evening and his cold was gone!
  1. Vitalized Immunity is amazing since it is like drinking 16 oranges. It knocks that cold right out! One client says how she enjoys popping it into seltzer water. Pop, pop, fizz fizz…
  1. Chocolate Shaklee 180 Shake whisked into chocolate Soy milk on the stove is a delicious way to have a healthy and nutritious snack or meal, quick and convenient for the smart and savvy professional. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.16.51 PM
  1. Germ Off: For quick and easy germicide and cleaners keep these wipes handy!
  1. Energy Chews: The Green tea lift in the chews is an excellent pick me up in the afternoon. Use what the Olympic athletes use for that boost and mental clarity!

Live Life With Zest,

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Did you know the number 1 cause of death in the US is heart disease? In addition to your blood work, keeping track of your blood pressure will tell you if stress is silently increasing your risk for heart disease.

aaaaaWhat impacts your BP? The experts say STRESS!

I came across some shocking news that I wanted to share. The PBS news hour reported that there is a significant increase in white middle aged Americans dying. The suggested reasons were are all stress related. The common thread was job loss in the manufacturing towns of the Midwest, Upstate New York area, Michigan and the extreme pressure this was putting on their lives.

It was shocking to realize that stress was killing these men and women. We know stress is part of everyone’s life. However, we don’t always pay attention. The problem is that the damage is silently occurring and the consequence can be a heart attack or a stroke. The first awareness can come when we go to the doctors and we are told our blood pressure is high.

What is high blood pressure? This occurs when the arteries cannot dilate accordingly when the heart is pumping blood. When you are under stress, the blood vessels constrict in certain areas, and dilate in others. We need more blood to our brain, for example so we can figure out how escape the threat. If we do not get that blood we are at risk for stroke.

What causes this? There is a genetic component. Mostly it is the lifestyle choices we make. What we eat, how we move and and how we deal with stress.

The 2015 recommendations for BP: 

For people over 60: 150/90

For those under 50: 140/90.

The top number is called systolic, which is when the heart pumps. The bottom number is called diastolic, which is when the heart relaxes and refills.

The life you save may be your own! Continual stress that is unchecked or ignored causes inflammation. Since we can’t get rid of stress, let’s focus on reducing inflammation. So how do you know you have inflammation?

Do you have aches and pain? Allergies, colds and flu too often, or need coffee to jumpstart your day? Just being alive creates inflammation, what accelerates the problem is our lifestyle choices. Here is how we reduce inflammation and keep our heart vessels healthy:

1. Get moving. Walking briskly for 30 minutes a day is great way to start. Yoga, gardening, dancing are other choices you can make. Do what you love! Regular exercise like this will lower BP and stress levels.

2. Improve your diet. Keep your blood sugar level balanced. Stress continually pumps blood sugar into your blood stream. Here is a graph that will help you know when to eat to keep your sugar levels even.

Of course what to eat is equally important: Experts say the Mediterranean diet. It contains a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats and will give you consistent energy, better mental clarity and mood.

3. Lose weight. Losing 10-20 pounds can make a huge difference on your blood pressure and general stress in the body. Extra weight increases inflammation. Shaklee’s Turnaround Program is the perfect program for the busy professional. Perfectly balanced shakes & meals keep inflammation low, so you will lose the right kind of weight (fat not muscle), so you look leaner sooner and most importantly, keep the weight off!

4. Get more sleep. Not getting enough sleep, 6-8 hours will help you gain weight because your appetite thermostat is off. You are still hungry after your eat. Sleep also helps get rid of the hormone cortisol. The more cortisol gets accumulated, the more inflammation there will be.

5. Supplement to support the blood vessels with a stressful life. Special products with ingredients you can’t get in your diet: b22067

Blood Pressure: contains beet powder, Quercetin and more to help keep blood healthy vessels healthy and open so the blood can flow freely.

CoQHeart with Q-Trol: increases energy in your cells, protects blood vessels from LDL damage

OmegaGuard: provides a full spectrum of 7 ultra-pure pharmaceutical grade omega 3 fatty acids. Helps blood vessel dilate, reduces triglyceride levels and improves mood.

The life you save may be your own. This is one condition that once you have a heart attack or stroke, it can have a devastating impact on the quality of your life. Take one step, do it for a month, another step for another month. What I do as a medical health coach is help people find a way to take that first step, have them be accountable and show how positive changes are not about taking away but giving yourself a better life!

PS: Please join me for a special event on Wednesday, November 18th.

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Live life with Zest,

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