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Have you ever had a broken heart? It takes time to heal. We recover when we give ourselves what we need to heal.

When your physical heart gets damaged there is a point when the heart muscle gets so enlarged that it will beat less effectively, and will not go back to where it started. There is no turning back at this point.

We have the tools to prevent it and heal it if we look at the warning signs early.

Today I’d like to talk about 4 ways to take good care of your heart:

1. Extra weight. Lose 10 pounds the healthy way, by losing fat, not muscle. People who gain weight around the middle are susceptible to heart conditions. It is called an apple shape. Losing ten pounds is a great place to begin. I especially love the Shaklee 180 program. The program addresses the muscle issue. It doesn’t matter how, whenever we lose weight we lose muscle – up to 40% of weight loss is muscle! Heart muscle is one of the muscles that is at risk. The advantage of the Shaklee program is the strategic amount of leucine that is in the products. Leucine preserves and stimulates muscles to grow. This includes heart muscle. What other advantages does this Amine acid (leucine) give you? You have more energy, you look thinner sooner and keep it off longer since you have more muscle. More muscle means more metabolism!

I am starting a new class for people who would like to lose 10 or more pounds in the next 6 weeks.
It can be done in a group setting (see flyer below) such as a class or Facebook groups, or with individual coaching. E-mail or call me for more information, or sign up for the workshop here!

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2. Numbers are out of balance. When you set a goal, you need a baseline to know where you started, where you are along the way and how you’ll know you arrived at your destination. Below are the ranges you want to watch and improve. Reducing all of these take pressure off our heart that is pumping 24/7.

What is your BMI?

18.5 or below- underweight,
18.5 to 24.9-healthy weight,
25-24.9- overweight
30 or higher-obese

What is your BP?

Normal- 120/80
Borderline high-120-139/80-90
Hypertension-140/90 and above

What is your Cholesterol?

Desirable less than 200 mg/dl ,
Pre hypertension 200-239 mg/dl
High-240 mg/dl and above

3. Stress in your life. Do 3 things to even out the stress curve to give your body the chance to recover. We were not meant to live with our feet on the accelerator 24/7.
• Take a moment to breathe throughout the day. Set your alarm for every hour. Make it a “Breathe Break.” Breathe deeply! This will help reset the body and allow it to recover.
• Be in present moment, take time and do one thing at a time.
• Find time in your day to meditate and be in your heart. What are you grateful for? Feel the joy of that. Do this once a day for 20 minutes.

4. My favorite heart supplements are on special until February 29, 2016. Add these to your order between now and February 29th and receive a 10% rebate!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.37.02 PM

OmegaGuard: Is fish oil. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and reduces the stickiness of the platelets so the blood can flow freely without clots!

Blood Pressure: Has herbs that support healthy blood vessels that get stiffer as we get older.

CoQHeart: Supports energy production in the heart and promotes healthy arteries.

Cholesterol Reduction Complex: Can be used in place of statins.

This is for all you entrepreneurs out there:

I am expanding my business and looking for people who would like to make an impact on the world and have a lucrative career in health. Having Shaklee as my business partner for the past 28 years has been rewarding both health-wise and financially! For more information on the business opportunity call/text or email me for an appointment. Look at this link to wet your whistle.

E-mail: dianamaltz@gmail.com

Phone: 216-526-5496

Do what you love and take care of your heart in some of the ways we talked about. Life is about living from a happy, healthy heart.

Live Life With Zest,

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Special: Free shipping for orders over $75 until February 15, 2016

Happy Valentines Day to you with my heartfelt wishes. I hope you know you are loved in your life (by your partner, friends, pets…anyone special!) Feeling love has a huge impact on your health. I remember how often I got sick when I had a broken heart from past loves. And We have seen how a long time partner gets sick and dies when the other partner dies. Love makes the heart beat a little faster and stronger when love is nurtured and gets weaker with heartbreak.

February is Heart Health Month. Did you know heart disease is still the number one cause of death in the US? That your heart never rests, it continually pumps 24/7? And that when you gain 10 pounds your heart has to pump even harder to get the blood back to your heart?

My question to you is, what message are you giving your heart for Valentines day?

The best things to do for your heart health

1. Lose those extra 10 pounds or more. Your heart is a muscle that never rests, extra weight will cause the heart to work harder. The heart walls thicken and then weaken and then the heart fails. Use a program like the Shaklee 180program that strengthens muscles, heart muscle included. With conventional diets 40% of the weight loss is muscle and that can be heart muscle too! The Shaklee Life shakesShaklee 180 meal bars and Shaklee 180 snack bars and Shaklee 180 snack crisps all contain leucine that help build lean muscle. It matters HOW you lose the weight!

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables (organic is better, see list) 8-10 Servings/daily. Start off by making sure you eat 3 cups of greens each day. It fills you up and it crowds out foods that are not “foods,” like bagels, muffins and French fries that can put on weight and make your heart work harder.

3. Consider the Fresh Start Program that is sweeping the country. It is a 6-week commitment. The first week is a cleanse and is full of food! You are never hungry and you begin to create habits that will guide you for the rest of the 5 weeks. People notice more energy, mental clarity, ability to sleep well, making weight management a breeze.

The program can be done: Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.37.15 AM

Live and in person or
As a group with a private Facebook group

There are 3 plans for any budget:
Vitalizing Plan – just $7.98/day
Shake it up Plan (Life Shake + Vitalizer) – just $10.46/day
Turnaround Plan – just $11.64/day

4. Exercise. This is your choice, but step it up! That is 10,000 steps per day. Be sure you add some resistance to your program 3 days a week. Resistance can be weights, machines or Yoga. Using your body as resistance counts. I recently increased my Yoga and found out that how I approach exercise matters. Am I telling my body that I can’t do this or am I going with the flow? Be kind to your body and notice how much you ease into an exercise program. You can work out, get results and still honor the body and heart! I have seen too many muscle pulls from too much tension.

5. Have a sense of humor. A terrific sense of humor is great for the heart. Have you laughed today? Do it now…Notice how you feel. Did you notice how your whole body felt alive, better circulation?
Find a way to laugh everyday. Your heart will thank you.

Fresh Start/Foods Rule 2016 Workshop

Copy of Copy of freshstartflyer (1)

I am dedicated to helping people achieve permanent weight loss and vibrant health. I am excited about teaching a class in Midtown NYC that starts February 17th – the first class is free. Click here to sign up.  Class size is limited to 10.

If your heart is saying “yes I am ready,” call or email me to start your own program.
We have a private facebook group and private coaching available. diana@zestylifenyc.com 216-526-5496

Wanted: I am putting together a team of people who want to join me in this mission of making the world leaner, healthier and happier.

Please join us. Part time-income range $1000-$2,000/month to career levels of $50,000 to $100,000

Call me for more details and receive information and a business package!

Live Life With Zest,


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