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These four habits will help your skin stay beautiful, youthful, healthy and clear!

1. Keep stress in check

I was impressed with an article in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Investigators said stress affects the protective outer layers of the skin, leading to redness and irritation. Not to mention wrinkles. So the next time you get anxious, notice your furrowed eyebrows and the little lines anxiety causes.

What to do:

Make it a point to relax your face during the day. Have a deep breathe reminder at your desk.  Unclench your jaw. Use the base palm of your hand on the bone under  your eyes, put pressure from the inside to relax the muscles under the eyes.  Do this 12 times (Qi Gong exercise).

2. Break a sweat

Aerobic exercise keeps the circulation going and stimulates the lymphatic system. This brings nutrients to the skin and carries waste away from the skin. The lymphatic system does not have muscles and exercise stimulates this daily exchange. Research out of University of McCaster in Canada found that people over 40 who exercise regularly have skin that is closer in composition to that of 2-30 year olds!

What to do:

Regular exercise means 3-5 times a week for thirty minutes. Can’t find 30 minutes? Try it in ten minute segments at three different times of the day.

3. Do a Seasonal Elimination diet

One of the benefits of reducing foods that may be creating inflammation in your body is having less reactive skin (rashes, break outs, wrinkles). Most of us notice how some foods make us tired, gassy, bloated, or we crave sweets. These are also causing inflammation. Most of these foods are in the grain, dairy and meat category.

What to do:

Do a seasonal Fresh Start 7 Day Cleansing Program. It is an elimination diet focusing on what foods you CAN eat, instead of what you can’t! The cleanse is followed by a 4-week program to rebuild your health and metabolism. This March, on Wednesday (23rd & 30th) and I will be offering a workshop discussing the benefits in Midtown NYC.  On Tuesday, March 29th I will also host a webinar on this program. Email me for more information. (diana@zestylifenyc.com)

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4. Choose a natural and effective skin care line

Your skin is one of the most valuable assets you have and it is the largest organ of your body. So taking care of your skin is not only about looking good,  it’s about staying healthy. So, natural matters! The Enfuselle skin care line meets the criteria below:

-Oil free
-Soap free
-Dye free
-Dermatologist tested
-Won’t clog pores
-Not tested on animals
-Contains no animal-derived ingredients

I was first impressed with this skin care line because Shaklee did a 2-year study and the results were so dramatic I had to try it!

 In 28 days a clinical study confirmed 665% increase in skin firmness, 421% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, 88% reduction of the appearance of fine lines.

I have been using this line now for over 10 years and consistently people comment on how good my skin looks. I am sharing my secret with you. Keep in mind, consistency is what gives you the amazing results you are looking for. Contact me for more information and to find out your skin type. 

Here are some results people have had with these products:

Happy Enfuselle Skin Care Customer Stories

Also, join me tonight for a Health Chat to learn more about this amazing skin care system. 


Live Life With Zest,


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Special: Free shipping on orders over $75. Offer ends March 15th. 

Every time I turn around I hear a sneeze or a cough. The changeable weather hasn’t helped.  I, for one use to be someone who got a cold or a flu so often that once I was recovered I would be down again with the sniffles.

How do you know you need to boost your immune system? Here are 3 indications:

One: Do catch more than one colds and flu each year? The more you do, the less your immune system is protecting you when you are exposed to viruses.

Two: You have allergic reactions like skin rashes or food sensitivities.

Three: You have daily aches and pains, an indication of inflammation and an immune system that is compromised.

What to do INSIDE:

1. Eat foods that create an alkaline environment, increase your vegetable and fruits – eat 80%, and 20% animal proteins. This will reduce inflammation and strengthens the body.

Start at breakfast and eat a fruit and a vegetable. These can be included in your smoothee. For lunch, eat a salad with your meal and with dinner consider cooking a stir fry to increase your vegetable intake (broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, cauliflower and a little bit of protein-20%).

In the Fresh Start Cleanse, a 5 week program, the first week is dedicated to learning how to eat foods that reduce inflammation and you will see an improvement in digestion, energy, and will shed 4-11 pounds. With less inflammation you have a stronger immune system.

Picture12. Invest in pure supplements. This helps support your body’s ability to detox. So many toxins attack our immune system and the body goes on overload. The skin, the pancreas, the intestines and the liver all help reduce the damage of toxins from foods, stress and household and personal care products. When these organs are working at full capacity we have a very strong immune system. Here is a team of effective hard workers (herbs and minerals) to keep your body running tip top. You will notice more mental clarity, energy and balanced hormones! Each one effects different detox organs like Alfalfa contains chlorophyll to purify the blood and supports the kidneys,  Liver DTX contains milk thistle that helps the liver neutralize toxins in the body, Optiflora pearls contains a probiotic which increases the good bacteria that reduce viruses and bad bacteria and Herb Lax with senna leaf that acts as a toothbrush in the intestines.

What to do Outside

3. Toxins in Household Cleaners

I have a client who cleans her bathroom meticulously (with Lysol types of products) and always has a severe headache for the rest of the day. Another client, suffers with watery itchy eyes all year long (obviously not a seasonal problem).  In 2007, Roger Barnett (Chairman and CEO of Shaklee) told the story of how his son landed in the hospital with respiratory distress on Oprah (2004).

The source of his son’s problem was not genetic but it was household cleaning products we use everyday. He let the country know of the Picture1dangers to ourselves and our children of conventional cleaners. One of the reasons he bought Shaklee is because of  this company’s commitment to creating products that will not damage any human cell. In all 3 of the cases above, by switching what they clean their homes and windows, laundry, and dish detergents to Shaklee’s Get Clean, all three of their problems cleared up.

Here is the Get Clean Starter Kit. See how much healthier you can feel, save money because the products are all concentrated and how convenient it is to order these products online.

4. What you put ON your Skin protects or attacks your immune system. Your body absorbs a whopping 60% of what you use topically. What is special about Shaklee’s Enfuselle advanced skin care line is that it nourishes the skin as well as cleanses, purifies, protects and heals.
Picture1One woman had severe skin rashes on her face and neck. It would take a good 4 days for her rash to clear up with cortisone before Enfuselle. She started using the basic program, the cleanser, toner, time repair am and C & E night repair. Her skin greatly improved in clarity, evenness of tone and smoothness.

It stopped getting red and inflamed. Two and half months later she has had no breakouts and her skin looks dramatically better! Your skin reflects how healthy your immune system is.

Use products to enhance your body’s balance. Find out more about how to boost your immune system this Wednesday:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.25.46 AM

This is for all you entrepreneurs out there.

I am expanding my business and looking for people who would like to make an impact on the world and have a lucrative career in health. Having Shaklee as my business partner for the past 28 years has been rewarding both health-wise and financially! For more information on the business opportunity call/text or email me for an appointment. Look at this link to wet your whistle.

Here is an event I wanted to share with you. It is for a fabulous cause:


Deborah Roth: In their mission to end violence against women & girls, locally and globally – and has raised over $90,000 doing it!

This year they’ve morphed into a new entity called 4thU-Artivists (activism through the arts… cool, right?) and we’re premiering a fabulous new play on March 11th & 12th, WOMEN OF NEW YORK, written and directed by Ege Maltepe, one of our co-directors for the past 5 years.

Definitely join us for some wonderful theater and to support a powerful cause!

You can get tickets (or make a donation if you can’t make it “live”) at www.4thUArtivists.com.

Live Life With Zest,

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