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Travel and bucket lists seem a stretch from what I normally talk about, which is health.

But creating a bucket list can be linked to health in a number of ways. The day-to-day stress of working and deadlines can drain your mood, and worse yet, your immune system. A different place that offers new food, a new culture or a new challenge can be like a spark for your brain (like experiencing foreign cultures) and/or your body (like yoga retreat). Plus taking the time off to travel to a place that excites you can ignite your immune system!  Stress teaches us to always be on the alert, be pumped up, and be goal driven. In contrast, travel can help you enjoy for the sake of enjoying, be challenged, explore new adventures you never would have considered without thinking of the end result.

Here are 10 of the places I see myself being in the next 5 years. This not in any particular order. I encourage you to share your list too.

  1. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico: Shaklee is offering an opportunity to earn a five star adventure at a very exclusive resort. I love the beach and everything associated with it! Love to travel for free!
  2. Grand Canyon: I have traveled to many places in the US but not here. It is so majestic and I love to hike in nature.
  3. Shanghai, China: I teach QiGong (like Tai Chi) which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. I hunger to learn more and experience the culture it came from.
  4. London, England: I studied acting and did some community theatre. Would love to take a week and view a play a day!
  5. Barcelona, Spain: This city is on the water, with amazing food and culture. I love Spanish culture and the architecture of Spain.
  6. Sicily: my family is from around Rome and I would like to experience the southern part of Italy. The food, culture and architecture.
  7. India: I find yoga fascinating as it linked to the spiritual and it is challenging physically. Would love to spend a week at an ashram.
  8. Cape Town, Africa: What a gorgeous place with an amazing history. It would be the experience of a lifetime.
  9. Machu Picchu, Peru: I have dreamed to go here because being there would be like a spiritual journey. Shaklee is offering this trip as an incentive, all expense paid trip for doing what I love to do!
  10. Buenos Aires, Argentina: It has a European flare with drama. Love the tango and the architecture, fashion and food is amazing. 

Now it’s your turn. What is your travel bucket list? Go to your heart and imagination and share what your wish list is.

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Picture2Here we are (my husband and I) at a black tie wedding several weeks ago! I was so happy I had my Shaklee program to put me back on track with all the temptations summer offers. Weddings, reunions are events where we want to look our best and I want to lose a few not gain!

Only three weeks from now until the Shaklee Live event in Orlando, where I see old Shaklee friends from 28 years ago.

Time flies but I don’t want to look like time has flown. I am challenging myself to lose one pant size by August 4.  Want to join me?  My plan, more exercise, healthier food & the Vitalizing Plan. It’s part of the essential program that keeps me on track.

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