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“It’s just what I do this time of year,” is what I hear often as a health coach. Yet year after year, pounds accumulate and we feel sick, tired, and disappointed as we approach a New Year with those 5-10 extra pounds.

Understanding habits is a great way to pinpoint what we are doing to sabotage ourselves. Brad Lamm in his book “Just 10 Pounds” describes 6 Eating Habit Styles. Maybe you will recognize yourself in one or two of them.

Then for each one I will give a strategy to get you back on track. Don’t’ worry if you identify with more than one.  If you’d like to take the quiz email me at diana@zestylifenyc.com.

  1. The Emotional Eater: In this style, a person uses food as comfort. We eat when we are happy, sad, or bored… and everything else!  The foods tend to be comfort foods:  like macaroni and cheese, meatballs and gravy, grilled cheese sandwiches, or cookies. Can you relate?

The problem occurs when you notice you are gaining weight and not feeling good about it.

Tip:  Become aware of what  foods you reach for and how many calories the foods contain. Either replace them with foods that have less calories (low fat cheese) or eat a smaller portion size.  For a grilled cheese sandwich, have half a grilled cheese for half the calories.  To lose one pound of fat, we have to eat 3,500 calories less (or burn it off with exercise).

  1. The Habitual Eater: This is a person who is good with structure and sticks with it until they have an emotional  trigger.  They are not flexible when problems arise, like with time restraints and responsibilities and do things like skipping meals, eating fast foods, or they eat that brownie everyday at 4pm.

Tip: Take an organized approach to meal planning. Use a guide like portion control. Imagine a hand as a way to do meal and snack planning.  My clients love this. It gives them a visual to plan their weekly food.  For example, a fist is one cup or 200 calories of pasta or rice. On a 1500 calorie diet, you are allowed one fist per meal. So make a pan of rice and divide it into 5 portions in the refrigerator for the week. You can do the same for protein like chicken. The palm of the hand is 3 ounces or 150 calories.

  1. The External Eater:  External  cues are all around us in NYC, restaurants, windows, grocery stores and at holiday party settings. It can be difficult to say no. Since the external eater is visual, take a few moments each day to visualize yourself in that little black dress or your favorite slacks. What weight do you want to be? Weekly, keep track of those numbers.

Tip: When you go to a holiday party, decide ahead of time to pick foods that will support your desire to keep slim. It’s a habit! When at a party pick vegetables, eat fruits and protein (cheese, hummus) that  will keep you fuller longer. If you are full you are less likely to be tempted.

  1. The Critical Eater: This person is knowledgeable about dieting and exercise but can become obsessive about dieting rules. It is all or nothing thinking. They have forgotten how to enjoy food and are very hard on themselves if they make a mistake.

Tip:  Focus on what foods you want to enjoy and take the focus off “bad” foods. Enjoy cooking, even if just once a week cook a dish that is healthy but tasty. It could be for friends. Find the joy in healthy cooking and eating with friends.

Here is a good resource for “good-looking”, healthy, and delicious foods. I use a lot of their recipes.

  1. The Sensual Eater: Is the person who really appreciates food and loves every bite and does not say no.  They enjoy every bit of pasta, lobster, and sauces.  This can really add calories and weight.

Tip: At a restaurant, share a meal.  After every bite, drink a glass of water to reduce the addictiveness of the flavors. Begin to shift to cooking that will give you a broader range of tastes.  Soups are a fabulous example. Add 3 or more vegetables, broth, chicken or tofu and some pasta with herbs like sage and tarragon.  Flavorful, and you are creating a broader range of flavors for the taste buds.

  1. The Energy Eater: Is the person who listens to their hunger and feeds the body as necessary. But many people reach for more fast acting carbohydrates like breads, crackers, and granola bars which cause more hunger (because of an insulin spike)  and they tend to unknowingly eat too many calories.

Tip: Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Limit fast acting carbs, and emphasize slow carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, and non starchy grains (Quinoa). Stamina foods are protein and fats. Eat protein at every meal.  Protein can be nuts, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, tofu, rice and beans. Avocado is a fabulous fruit/fat for energy people. It will fill you up and is good source of the right kind of fat.

A great snack is 1/8 of an avocado  crush and spread over whole grain crackers.

It’s very important to start your day with a breakfast of 24 grams of protein. Your body has been fasting all night. I find smoothies to be an easy and convenient way to be sure to get the day off to a fabulous start and have fewer problems with cravings.

Set the stage for a fabulous New Year and new you with self knowledge and a shift in habits.  I always say, “Where there is a will, there is a waistline!”

NOW is the time to prepare for your healthy 2016! Contact me for details – the Fresh Start Cleansing program begins on January 11th.

E-mail diana@zestylifenyc.com

Call or text 216-526-5496

Fresh Start flyer

Live Life With Zest,

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Special: Free Shipping on orders over $75. Offer ends December 15th.

The holiday theme of 2015 is Ageless!

The other day I was crossing Bowery Street with 2 armfuls of shopping bags. They were heavy and I could not bear to wait for the next light. I had five more seconds to cross and the oncoming cars were restless. I was running out of time when a 21 year old angel grabbed my arm so I would not get hit by an approaching car. As he let go of my arm when we reached the curb, he said “You are in better shape than I am.” He was out of breath. Not sure how old he thought I was. Really did not want to know!

But I got to thinking, how are we defining age? And that the best gifts are ones that last, the gift of looking and feeling young, so we can breathe easy while racing across streets…and no one has to know how old you are!

This holiday season, give the gift of health to all of the ageless beauties and gents in your life! Here are my top 12 picks:

Holiday Gift Guide (2)

 1. Vivix – Liquid or Liquigels

2. Enfuselle Anti-Aging Duo: Time Repair AMC + E Repair PM

3. Shaklee 10 Turnaround Kit – lose 10 lbs and 10 years!

4. Stress Relief Complex – Keep cool under stress!

5. Pump it up – Physique & Performance

6. Enfuselle Cleansing Gel & Balancing Moisturizer

7. Men’s After-Shave Duo: Enfuselle Hydrating Toner & Calming Complex

8. Get Clean Kit -avoid rashes from harsh chemical cleaners!

9. Basic H & Germ-Off Wipes – quick and easy clean!

10. Enfuselle Infusing Mineral Masque & Refining Polisher

11. Enfuselle Instant Firming Serum

12. Get Clean Water Pitcher – fresh water is the elixir of life!

For more holiday fun & gift ideas, please join me this Sunday, December 13th for my Holiday Brunch Open House! 

holiday brunch

Live Life With Zest,

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As 2014 comes to an end, it is a great time to refocus on how to create more vitality in your life. The best gift I can give you this holiday season is to help you with that.

To do that, we need to put it at the top of our to-do list. It is so easy to say, “well I can’t go to the gym, I have to finish work.” The reality is that a workout could actually increase your productivity!

These are five ways surprising ways to get your body operating at its full potential.

1. Reboot your body in a healthy way. All you need is five easy days to undo the damage stress does to your health and metabolism. It takes just one canister of a Shaklee 180 Smoothee and one box of Shaklee Vitalizer. There is also a Detox tea that will enhance the process and you can use that everyday (one canister of Shaklee Orange Performance and Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea).

Untitled design-3

We are starting this program on December 8th. Email me for more questions or to get started! This is a comprehensive, inexpensive way to reboot your body.

2. Invest in your brain health. Stress, poor nutrition and lack of exercise can affect your memory, focus and concentration. This can greatly affect your productivity.

Our brains begin to shrink by age 20 and this process gets worse from age 40 on. But there is good news: from brain research with stroke patients, we learned that the brain can repair. Check out an inspiring story about a scientist’s discovery when she had a stroke.

Consider incorporating Mindworks, NEW from Shaklee into your supplement program because it increases circulation to the brain. Shaklee research is showing that in a two year study that a group using mindworks had a 30% reduction in brain shrinkage. See Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett on the Dr. Phil Show as they discuss tips for better memory, and how multitasking actually affects your ability to remember things and reduces your productivity.

3. Exercise. Did you know that just 30 minutes of exercise every day can add three quality years of life? It’s not about being a fitness nut or having great abs, it’s about moving, and not being sedentary for more than five hours per day. It’s really as simple as that! Get up and walk around the office, up and down the stairs, around the block during your lunch hour, or even stretching while watching TV.

4. Meditation. If you’re comfortable with the non-judgmental time you spend with yourself, it translates into how you judge other people and events in your life. So, it improves your relationship with yourself and others, which is vital to your health and happiness.

5. Reduce inflammation and pain. By doing this, you can increase energy and lengthen your telomeres (a biomarker of overall health status). In a controlled study, Shaklee Vivix was shown to stop the rise of inflammatory markers after eating an unhealthy meal. It’s the ultimate anti-aging because it increases energy, reduces inflammation and slows aging on a cellular level.

Live Life With Zest,



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So, its 20 degrees here in NYC. It is freezing!  Here are some quick tips to stay healthy, warm and on-track!


1. Warm up your Smoothee

Add one scoop Shaklee 180 Café Latte and one scoop Shaklee 180 Chocolate to eight ounces of warmed up almond, soy or regular milk – yummy!

Here are some other recipes

What does a Shaklee 180 Smoothee have to do with your immune system?  30% of women do not get enough protein, and that can seriously affect your immune system. Additionally, the smoothee helps you retain lean muscle mass.  More muscle burns fuel and warms up the body on chilly days!

2. Invest time in your food prep once a week

Make one new soup or entree a week. Freeze the rest. At the end of the month. You’ll have four new favorite dishes! It is important to invest time and thought in your nutrition. It is also fun! Here is a quick and easy Sweet Potato and Sausage Soup to warm you up (hint: you can use chicken or turkey sausage).

3. Take an immune booster

Try Nutriferon. Your body has to work harder to keep your immune system strong in the cold weather! And if you feel a cold coming on, Defend and Resist will help you knock it out.

4. Use supplements to fire up the body

B-complex – The energy will get you and your body moving.

Corenergy – Supports the Adrenal glands to help you fight your challenges for the new day (the Adrenal Gland is the fight or flight gland).

Energy Chews – Convenient chewy supplement with green tea to spark energy in your body!

With the busy holiday season approaching and the temperatures dropping, it’s important to stay warm, healthy and happy! Use these tips to help you power through and still look and feel amazing.

Live Life With Zest,




Give the gift of health this holiday season! Ask me about gift certificates, and great products that your friends and family will love.

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  • Take the 28-Day Challenge: Lose 5 to 7 pounds, starting October 27 – November 21
  • Slim Meet/Smoothie-Tasting:  “How to Navigate the Sweet Season”

            When and Where:  October 16 at 6:00 pm,  in So Ho, Manhattan, 132 Crosby Street

  •  Can’t make the Slim Meet?  Join us at a Webinar:  October 23 at 8:00 pm

“How to Navigate the Sweet Season”   AT: Join.Me/zestylifenyc

RSVP: diana@zestylifenyc.com for both the tasting and webinar

Are you worried about overeating or gaining weight during the coming holidays? Do you get trapped in the sugar zone? Would you like to learn how to easily navigate the sweet season? How about getting a jumpstart and participate in a 28-day challenge?  Start the season with weight loss and look great for the holidays.

We can gain an average of 5-8 pounds from Halloween to New Years and some people never lose it! Year after year this adds up until more than half of us are overweight or obese.

To avoid the Sugar Danger Zone during the upcoming holidays, take these 5 steps:

  • Find Out Your BMI. Are you overweight? It is important to have a parameter to begin. For adults, overweight and obesity ranges are measured by using weight and height to compute the person’s BMI. The BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with the amount of fat in their bodies. An online tool for gauging the BMIs of adults can be found at http://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/adult_BMI/english_bmi_calculator/bmi_calculator.html
  • Increase Your Activity in General. Take the stairs instead of the elevators. Go out for a walk in the evening with your kids or spouses, great time spent with the ones you love. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to skimp on your holiday routine, especially workouts with resistance. When you build muscle you increase your metabolism and you aren’t as prone to energy slumps. More muscle also means less sugar cravings because your body doesn’t need as much insulin (fat hormone) to use the sugar. You will also look trimmer, which is great for those holiday parties.
  • Control Portions. This is a learning habit for everyday eating. Think about, “do I need that second plate of stuffing or piece of pie?” “How important is this toward my long-term energy level and how I look?” I remember feeling so stuffed that I would fall asleep in a chair and not enjoy the people I had not seen all year! A good trick is don’t go to the holiday table extremely hungry, have a healthy snack an hour before so your food choices are based on ‘sanity’. I love a Shaklee 180 Smoothee for this – I feel full of energy and ready to enjoy food two hours later. My favorite is the Mango-flavored Shaklee 180 Smoothee. I recommend a “Metabolic Boost” with it, to balance my blood sugar (Banaba Extract) and green tea extract to increase energy. Here’s my go-to recipe!

Mango Coconut Banana Smoothie
2 Scoops Shaklee 180 Mango Smoothie mix, 1/2 banana,
1/4 tsp. coconut extract or 1 Tbsp of real coconut flakes
8 ounces milk (soy, rice, almond) Blend with ice.

  • Chew 100 Times. Studies show that people who chew 100 bites have a better and more ideal weight. It takes the stomach 20 minutes to register that you are full. At the holiday table or at parties enjoy the conversation, eat slowly, and savor the moments with people as much as the food.
  • Take the 28-Day Challenge. Here’s a game plan for you…participate in the 28-Day Challenge, where your goal is to lose those 5 to 7 pounds. The challenge will keep your vision clear with another objective in mind, not be swayed by every party and event. Tell your friends you are doing it and find friend that will help keep you on track.

To start on the 28-Day Challenge, come to our Slim Meet on October 16th or sign up for our Just 7-Pounds Webinar(alias: How to Navigate the Sweet Season) on October 23rd. For more information, visit our event calendar.

Or if you can’t wait, start today and get FREE shipping on orders over $75. (Expires October 15th)

Live life with Zest,


FREE Shipping for Orders over $75.00
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And for the go-getters who can’t wait, go to the website and order your 
kit today!

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I have been to numerous parties and it’s very common to hear when I mention the Detox we are starting on January 7th, that they are interested. Because let’s admit it, we are all eating these we normally don’t eat. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the festive food, but when you are feeling tired, bloated and sick, it’s time to do something about it.

So for you overachievers who want to get a head start on your skinny resolutions, I’m going to share with you Sun’s Flat Belly Detox Program:

1st thing in the morning, have the Wake-Up Detox Lemonade (Take 20-60 minutes before having breakfast)

  • 16oz water (hot, cold, or room temperature)
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • 1-2 Tbsp of Shaklee Performance, any flavor (I use Orange flavor)
  • 1 stick of Shaklee 180 Energy Tea, any flavor (I use Pomegranate flavor)
  • Optional: 1 Tsp Vivix for Anti-Aging at the cellular level
  • Optional: Fat-burning spices – pinch of one or all of turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper

 For breakfast, have a Vitalizer Strip.

Before going to bed, take Shaklee Herb-Lax (1-4 tablets, adjust daily as needed for 2-3 easy bowel movements each day without getting diarrhea.)

Eat every 2-3 hours. We recommend the Shaklee 180 JumpStart program to lose fat, not muscles:

  • 3 healthy protein/fiber meals (1-2 Shaklee 180 Smoothee Meals with fruit and/or veggies, and for the remaining meal(s), fill your plate with: ½ of starchy veggies, ¼ of carbs or fruit, and ¼ of lean protein.)
  • 2-3 protein/fiber snack bars


DAILY TIP (from Martha Willmore and Harley Pastemak)

  • Drink lots of water every day! Remember, water is fiber’s best friend. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces of water (i.e. drink 80oz if you weight 160lbs).
  • Avoid red meat and dairy during the detox.
  • You need 1lb of vegetables for every 50lbs of body weight to balance your pH.
  • Continue to eat as natural as possible and avoid artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
  • Reduce processed foods, sugar, red meat, and white flour as mush as possible.

Remember this can be used for a couple of days before you either start our Detox program on January 7th, email me at dianamaltz@gmail.com for more information, or your own.  And if you will be doing ours, please visit our online store to order the products for this simple, but yet effective, Detox.

And don’t forget our next Slim Meet is January 9th. Click here for more info.

Live our life with Zest!


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Get a Jump Start on the “New” Improved You
Ever notice how easy it is to gain 5 pounds and how difficult it is to lose 2?
But it’s not about being skinny, it’s about feeling great in your skin!
Imagine how good you’ll look 5 pounds lighter and how easily you’ll zip up your jeans. And of course, on New Year’s Eve it will be a pleasure as you walk into the room in your black cocktail dress.
You will be the envy of everyone in the room.
What’s even better, you won’t have any mood swings, aches and pains or coughing and sneezing because you avoided eating too many sweets.
Instead, you will feel healthy, radiant and proud in your skin! “Every journey begins with a single step.” – Maya Angelou
Take the first step towards good health.
Join us for a dynamic Slim Meet on Thursday, November 12th to get prepped for Mission: Slim Possible.
We can stay fit this winter together!
Email me: dianamaltz@gmail.com to RSVP
What is the best way to get started?
We are forming a very motivated Facebook Group,
Mission: Slim Possible”
Join us as we begin a 15-Day Jump Start on December 19th
We are sharing recipes, giving each other
encouragement as well as keeping ourselves accountable.
For more information:
  Take a look at the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program and
Then get ready, get set, and go!
Live Life with Zest,

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