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Summer is a great time to consider losing those few extra pounds!

  • It’s easier, we eat less, it’s hot…. Not to mention- we are more motivated by the lack of clothes

However sometimes we do it in a way that can sabotage REALLY keeping it off

95% regain weight within a year

  • Problems leads to fatigue, overwhelmed feeling, cravings:

Choosing foods for calorie count- not quality of nutrients

  • Low energy, always hungry, flabby body, can’t stay with the program,

25% of the weight loss is usually Muscle loss which in turn lowers your metabolism

If this sounds like you you can…

  • Find out which nutrients your lacking ((Summer Special on the wellness profile))

  • Take a look at the Cinch program or the Detox program
  • Take a 5 question quiz and get a free sample of the cinch shake

What do you have to lose?!

“Change is inevitable but growth is an option”

-Walt Disney

Choose Wisely : )

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Last night I had my first Detox meeting with 2 wonderful woman.  We chatted about their current lifestyle and I helped asses their new journey to wellness.  The energy in the room was quite extraordinary.  It’s amazing how much encouragement we all got working with a group.  Each person had their own skills and things to share and add to the conversation.  We created a menu and shopping list for the 2 week DETOX program.   Teaching and discussing health and wellness gave us all a natural high and we left the meeting ready to take action.

I brought some Protein Balls to the meeting that I made.  I wanted to share with the women that detox can be easy, convenient, and taste good!  Don’t they look delicious?!

I’m looking forward to our next meeting!

Don’t forget it’s Restaurant Week here in NYC! Check this link out to find some great deals.  Dinners $35!!

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Hello World !

I am a registered nurse and I’ve worked in hospitals for 10 years. I absolutely love helping people become healthy! However, over time, I became discouraged about what  I could offer people with western medicine. I quickly realized medicine alone could not help them have and create the vitality they desired.

Another passion in my life is dance.

I was able to pursue that dream ((Modern dance, jazz and ballet)) while still having my nursing career. But it was exhausting!  I was mentally and physically drained.  I knew I had to find a way to be able to dance and still have my career. I was worn out, getting sick often and spraining my ankle every 3 months (not good for going on Pointe). I started doing some research and learned about nutrition and vitamin therapy.  Wow! I couldn’t believe that changing just a few things could put me back in the game again. It did and I was feeling great!

For the next 20 years, I enjoyed combining my nursing principles and learning more about eastern philosophies.  I studied yoga, Chi Kung, got a black belt in NIA (highest level), became a certified fitness instructor, Wellness Educator, got into graduate school in PT.

As you can see I was completely hooked.  I was healthier and more alive then I had ever been.

I now want to help people get to this place!  I know what you are going through and where you have been.

I have put all of this into some programs to help people who are stressed, especially moms, and professional women to give them the tools to be the peak performers they want to be and not lose their sense of self. The things that bring us joy.

This blog is about tips and things I have learned and continue to learn along the way.


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