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Super Vitamin?!

Did you know that there’s a VITAMIN out there what can:

-Give you more energy (not to mention ZEST!)

-Improve your hormone issues

-Eliminate migraines, depression, high blood pressure

-Prevent diabetes

-Give you better bones

-Reduce your risk for breast cancer (50%), prostrate, ovarian cancer

-Prevent heart disease

What if I told you this Vitamin was something you come in contact with every day?!



Vitamin D is so IMPORTANT for our bodies!  This vitamin is often associated with the Sun- but most of us don’t get enough sun exposure.  We must ALSO be eating the right foods and taking the right supplements.

It’s amazing that simply adding more of this Vitamin to your diet can drastically improve your life and well being!

I have a great FREE Vitamin D QUIZ that will measure if you’re getting enough Vitamin D in your life.

If you’re interested in adding this EASY vitamin to your life:

  • First- Take the quiz and see how much you need.  www.zestforlifegreen.com
  • Next- Learn about what lifestyle factors increase your need for Vitamin D
  • Take the products below, Shaklee is an expert in Vitamin D research and how to get maximum absorption

In the Landmark study, Shaklee conducted with the University of California at Berkley.
People who took Shaklee supplements consistently for 20 years, had above normal levels for Vitamin D,  In the general population, 70-80 % are deficient. Vitalizer was created in response to this study to put together a comprehensive program to give people more energy, ability to perform at their best, improved general health (no colds flu, allergies) and then prevention of the big problems, diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. Vitalizer is top of the line for absorption. Shaklee uses SMART technology so the right nutrients go tot he right place at the right time.

  • The Cinch shake will help with prevent a flabby body(muscle loss from all the crazy diets we do), so better bones and easy healthy weight control, more energy, better skin hair and nails. The shake works in conjunction with the vitamins
  • Add Vita D 3 (NEW from Shaklee) as suggested from the quiz.

What else can you do ?

If you want to learn more about how to eat better, what supplements to take, tips on relaxation, I have several programs we can talk about. Call me to set an appointment to talk.

If you have general questions, call or email

Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. I am email assessable. Would love to hear from you!

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Hey Guys!

I just received some requests for more ideas on how to j-a-z-z up your Cinch shakes! What I love about these shakes are the ENDLESS possibilities for healthy and delicious recipes.  You can make them are simple or complicated as you want.  I would LOVE to hear how you make yours!  Feel free to share with everyone here.  (( Thank you Wendy for your suggestion of ice cubes, bananas and low fat milk for a treat for dinner.  -So delicious!))

Here’s some recipes I love-  Cinch shake recipes!

Running out of your Cinch shakes?! Here’s a helpful link to order more

Cinch Shakes

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Tired and groggy at the end of the day   ?

Stressed from the Summer Sun and Fun ?

Fatigue, loss of a sense of vitality, joy and foggy thinking are signs of stress leading to the danger zone and a proper DETOX may be one of the answers. Come. learn and experience some “how to’s “, and how simple changes in diet, nutrition, breathing, and yoga can make a big difference in your         appearance and your energy all day everyday.

Join us:

Tuesday, August 24

7pm-8:30 pm

132 Crosby St.   (at Houston)

RSVP to Diana Maltz at dianamaltz@gmail.com

Diana Maltz, registered nurse, wellness coach and fitness instructor who has helped stressed out professionals stay out of the danger zone for over 20 years.

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Hey Guys!

I’m so excited to share with you my recent adventure.  I went to a Shaklee International conference in Anaheim, California last week.

I have been using Shaklee products personally and in my business for over 20 years.  I have been able to feel AND see what major improvements Shaklee products do for peoples’ lives through their energy, vitality and even looks. My girlfriend’s husband was able to lose weight and shed his fast food habit by using the Shaklee Cicnh inch loss program. Since he’s lost both the weight and inches off his body I told her that he went from ordinary to hunky! ; )  This is just one great example and I’m sure you can do it to!

So back to the conference- (sorry I get so excited about these products!) it’s always been a challenge to stay on track with my summer commitment to lose inches and weight.  In the past, at these conferences I have gained weight because of the constant sitting.  I would feel sluggish all morning only to sit more and feel sluggish at lunch. This down feeling caused me to make bad food choices (I was using food to make myself feel better.)

This time around I went into the conference knowing and thinking it was going to be different.  I consciously made the effort to wake up every morning and have my Cinch shake from Shaklee.

This helped me balance my blood sugar and gave me energy first thing in the morning. Then after my shake I decided to do some sort of exercise (including Chi Kung, walking, weights) and even got my roommates to join in!

This first few steps might sound simple but it changed everything.  I had more energy at the conference and didn’t get my usual mid day slump.  Instead I was ready to face the challenges and enjoy the day.

Bring it on : )

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Let’s do Lunch

Lunch dates with friends are my favorite time all week!  The energy is heightened and we all have so much to talk about.  It got me thinking… this is the PERFECT time to share my passion and knowledge for personal health and nutrition.  We are always looking for that time for ourselves in our busy schedules why not fit it in at lunch?! Might as well be gossiping and learning right?!

I decided to start a series of LUNCH and LEARN events this fall called

Lighten up at Lunch

The first two weeks will be focused on foods for DETOX (get that body ready!)

The next month we will be learning how to eat to lose inches.

So many great questions popped into my mind at lunch the other day–

What do people usually eat for lunch ? Is it a misunderstood meal? Is lunch a social time? Do you exercise? Are you eating on the run?

I would love your feedback!! ((Got some answers for me?! Your answers will help me customize what people are thinking about and what their goals are–feel free to write your comments below))

Just think how AMAZING it would be to use that hour as a time to learn/be healthy instead of a “missed lunch opportunity.”   This LUNCH and LEARN can make a huge difference on your daily energy, how you look, and how stressed or sleepy you feel for the rest of the day. Trust me- you’ll be thanking me– you might even want to buy me lunch ; )

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