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ImageImageWho knew travel is good for my health? It reduces stress, increases exercise, adds variety and gets me out of my cultural comfort zone.

Tomorrow, I leave for Nashville for Shaklee’s Global Conference, where they will be host to approximately 5,500 fellow Shaklee business leaders.

One of the segments I look forward to each year is when we find out the location of our incentive trip. In the past it has been a safari in Kenya, a trip to Paris and having the Louvre just for us and other amazing trips around the world – luxury trips I wouldn’t be privileged to, but Shaklee makes it possible to all of Shaklee business leaders.

The coolest thing about these trips – I get to bring people with me!

These trips are great, but in addition, I get to do what I love – helping others be be healthy and stress-free.

So where will it be this year? Check in this week to find out!


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Yes, we are going to talk about S E X. Today I was in the audience in the Katie Couric Show and you have to believe me when I tell you that I didn’t know that the topic was going to be about sex. But I was pleasantly surprised.

On the panel discussion, there was a physician that specializes in women’s health, a sex therapist and a male OB-GYN and later on the show there was a lifestyle coach who writes for women and men’s health magazines. The show will air on July 24th, so check your local TV station for the time. And look for me, I’ll be on the front row!

So guess what I learned? 5 natural ways to boost your libido!

  • The first one is red wine! Red wine is known to increase longevity. But did you know one of the ingredients in red wine, resveratrol, is known to relax the body, therefore it increases your libido. For health reason, it’s better for women not to drink no more than 1 or 2 glasses of red wine a day. A great concentrated source of resveratrol is in Shaklee’s Vivix. One teaspoon of Vixix equals to 100 glasses of red wine. The average glass of even the highest quality wine contains about 1mg of resveratrol per glass. One teaspoon of Vivix would give you 100 X that amount!


  • Dark chocolate, but we all knew that! 70% or more has magnesium which helps dilate and relax your body and increase the libido. However, unlimited amount of dark chocolate is not recommended due to its high fat content, which can affect your blood sugar, and make you depress.
  •  The next one is ginseng. It’s an antioxidant which supports your body energy and enhances your stamina. If you feel fatigue, you will not really be interested in sex. I recommend Shaklee’s CorEnergy to my clients, which contains ginseng root extract, which supports the body’s ability to maintain energy and enhance stamina.
  • ImageWatermelon…this super-sweet fruit is a sex-booster. This cool, juicy fruit contains an amino acid called l-citrulline, which helps relax and dilate blood vessels, which increases blood flow to sexual organs and contributes to a hotter climax. Here are additional foods to help you improve your sex life.
  • And finally, eating well, exercising, and taking care & pride of your body, will make you feel good and sexy. Men take note: for women, foreplay is everything that happens in the 24 hours BEFORE intercourse. She needs to feel comfortable and loving towards you and know that everything is alright.

In conclusion, I find that the best approach is a holistic approach to increase your libido. So if you are ready to increase your libido, health coaching can be a first step and other things such as the ones noted above or going for couple therapy, or a sex therapy or talking with your OB-GYN can also help. In addition, there are new medications coming available, but with a holistic approach there are no side effects, only side benefits that will affect your whole life.


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Don’t Let Aches and Pains Limit Your Summer Fun


Summer is all about getting active: re-committing to a boot camp class, playing volleyball on the beach, surfing, golf, hitting tennis balls on the court, and swimming. Who wants to be left out of family picnic volleyball game?  Extra weight, out of shape and problems like arthritis can limit our ability to fully enjoy Summer.

I have had the opportunity to find ways to keep active and teach fitness in spite of a chronic back problem and the arthritic changes that can happen as we get older. I am speaking to people who like me, want to stay active. A few tips:

  • You guessed it, lose just 10. According to Dr. Oz, for each extra pound of excess weight on your body, you add 3 times that amount of pressure on your knees. This means that 10 extra pounds equates to 30 pounds of pressure grinding down. And when walking up stairs, multiply your extra weight by 7. Thirty pounds of pressure just became 70 pounds!

You can lose 10 pounds easily in a month with Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit. A recent 9-months clinical test, showed that people who were on the Shaklee 180 Program gained about 25% more muscle and lost about 50% more body fat vs. people on conventional diet and exercise regime.


For more information: http://bit.ly/VFztXM

  • Stretch!  Stretching increases flexibility and improves the range of motion of your joints. In addition, it aligns your body, reduces pain and puts you in a better mood. Here’s a guide to 10 basic stretches you can do in the mornings. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stretching/SM00043
  • Pick up Chi Kung, another good way to decrease joint stiffness is Chi Kung, Chi Kung is a 5,000 year old exercise that combines graceful movements with focus and breathing to increase and balance your vital energy. Many of the postures and motions gently utilize the range of motion in your joints, like wrists, ankles, shoulders and knees. Because Chi Kung has minimal impact on your joints and can be performed by almost anyone, it is being studied for its effects on arthritis.
  • Consider a Vegan Diet. Food that causes inflammation are processed food, fried food, meats, cheese and saturated fat and sugar.  Instead eat whole, fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Take the right combination of supplements such as Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex, Omega Guard and Pain Relief Complex, which are examples of what many holistic practitioners are using with success.  If you want to create an herbal medicine cabinet, these are supplements that should be in everybody’s cabinets. Some are used every day and others based on symptoms.


For more information: http://bit.ly/12zi3iX


For more information: http://bit.ly/12zhEgC


For more information: http://bit.ly/1aG4NP1

The bottom line is that arthritis pain can be managed with the right combination of supplements, natural pain relievers, lifestyle changes, such as fun activities and holistic therapies.

Live Life with Zest,

Diana Maltz, RN

Is health coaching is right for you?

Email me for more information on a free phone consultation: dianamaltz@gmail.com

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Summer is my favorite time of year!

Picnics, barbeques, sailing, reunions, and  traveling to see family and friends.  There’s always so much to do!  I love being social but these event in addition to running my business does get a little tiring.  My energy is not like it was in my 20s.  What’s a girl to do?

Get your Zest back so you can do all those Summer activities you love!

Energy depleter number one:

1.       The Carbohydrate  trap.

I recently lost weight and I love how I look in my summer clothes! I feel much lighter and more alive.   As much as I love events and BBQs they bring back some of my old eating habits which makes me feel sluggish again.  It’s a bad cycle- because the more of these events I have the less and less time I have to go grocery shopping and prepare food.

What’s a girl to do?

Make sure you always have healthy and fast snacks on hand!

Most people fall off the wagon by eating too many carbs.  You probably know the drill: It starts with just a few appetizers then soon you’re  grazing and talking for 2 hours.  Then you eat dinner!

I suggest to drink a Shaklee 180 Smoothee with frozen strawberries at 4pm, and  add 1 teaspoon of VIVIX Anti-Aging cellular tonic. The Smoothie will sustain your energy and satisfy your sweet tooth, and the Vivix gives you a quick boost of pep before going to that  party.


For more information click here: http://bit.ly/W0plbI


For more information click here:http://bit.ly/owudFn 

Quick Fact:  Did you know the Vivix is the most concentrated juice you will ever experience? One teaspoon is like drinking 100 glasses of grape juice!.Use a foundation like the Smoothie and thr VIVIX, and you’ll have a program that balances your blood sugar, and avoids that “appetizer temptation.”

2.       Heat Exhaustion

We have to admit- women don’t always glisten,  WE SWEAT!  My fellow NYC women- you get me!  In hot weather  we lose both water and electrolytes.  By the time we are thirsty, we have lost 3% of fluids, our energy drops, along with concentration and performance if we are exercising.  On top of that, we are pooped, our hair looks bad and we have no pep for after work or weekend activities.

What’s a girl to do?

Drink a cool 8 ounce glass of orange or lemon lime Shaklee Performance (comes in an economic powder form). This unique sports drink contains 3 sources of carbohydrates that will give you immediate and long lasting energy and endurance if you are working out. Why not drink Coke, Gatorade or fruit juice?  Those drinks contain too much sugar, and will dehydrate your further.  Iced coffee?  It is dehydrating and an hour later you need another one. Shaklee’s Performance  was developed at MIT for the Daedalus  project for an athlete who “bicycled’ across the Aegean Sea in a human propelled flying machine.  The energy he used was like running 2 marathons. This drink gave him the energy and focus to complete the feat.  Our days can certainly feel like a marathonor two.


For more information click Here:  http://bit.ly/l14QFk

What a perfect “mid morning cocktail” or late “afternoon cocktail”!

Want extra oomph?

Add one stick of Shaklee 180 Energizing tea, an exotic blend of White, Green Matcha  and Red  Robos tea to your cocktail.  You can improve your energy as well as increase your metabolism  by adding this combination teas.  A recent study showed those who drank Green Matcha tea regularly had a lower percentage of body fat than those that did not.  This convinces me!


For more information click here: http://bit.ly/VN5Gwv

Keep cool and continue to push the envelope. ADDING  these nutritional products will pep up your life and keep you healthy!

Sign up for my half hour “Discover Session” and find out if working with a health coaching is right for you. Email me to set up a date.


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