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I am sitting here looking out my window, it’s March 9th and there is still snow on the ground! People around me are talking about how cold and difficult winter has been here in NYC. Many are making the decision to move south because they feel the cold, are achy and don’t feel like the life is as good as they’d like it to be.

So, Let’s do some activities to get ready for spring and move toward feeling fabulous now! I can help with that!

Mind: Decide NOW what kind of things will make you feel better. Need to lose 10 pounds? Bad moods? Feeling down too often? Feeling stuck? These are the kinds of things I hear frequently when I coach my clients. It can be difficult to move out of that rut and they appreciate the clarity, focus and accountability that working with me, a coach and nurse, affords them.

Make a decision and write it down. Get your mind wrapped around how it will look. Start writing down how it will look. Writing is powerful. Writing with feeling and using your imagination will imprint it more in your brain.

Body: Renew on the Inside: Start this 5 day Simple Cleanse. If you like it, do it once a month on an ongoing basis.

The cleanse includes 3 yummy, healthy Smoothees a day and 2 snacks for 5 days. People love how good they feel on it! And it’s convenient. There are a lot of cleanses out there that as a nurse make my hair turn grey! But this one has supplements that support the body with nutrients targeted to the organs that need cleansing so they can do their job better when it is complete. It is only 5 days! I have recommended Shaklee products for over 27 years, because of the science behind them. They are pure and most importantly, they work!

UntitledThe reason for this is that Shaklee takes that extra step to make sure they work — they do extra tests on the raw materials in order to deem that the products are pure. This is rarely done in the industry. We don’t want chemicals in our detox program!

Here’s a story: I have a woman who came to me for digestive issues, and she started with this cleanse. In a few days she had less sinus congestion, better mental clarity, her skin was clearer and she was more regular. She was thrilled and now she has the confidence to start the Shaklee 90 Day Turnaround Program, which allows you to see results faster because you lose fat, NOT muscle.

Physical Activity: Gently wake up your body, like how a flower blossoms in spring, first thing in the morning.

Here is something I recommend and do from a series of Chi Kung (Chinese Yoga) exercises. I teach this and practice every day:

Stand up and swing your arms up and back, bending your knees 20 times, gently to get the blood moving and allow the breath to grow deeper. Then I do more exercises similar to what Don Fiore demonstates in this short Youtube video.

To get ready for my day, I work with many fast paced New Yorkers, and starting the day gently gives them more stamina and clarity of thought to deal their daily stress. Many will then be ready for other forms of exercise to get in shape, and they will have less injuries.

Put some spring into your step! Think about and in envision with feeling what you would like to create. Getting a good foundation with a simple 5 day cleanse will pump up your energy, moods and ability to deal with stress. Learn to start your day gently with Chi Kung exercises. It invigorates your body so you have more stamina in a slower paced manor.

I incorporate these approaches in your coaching. Here is a full list of ways I can help you!

You can also send me an email at diana@zestylifenyc.com to set up a free 20-minute phone call.

Happy Spring!

Live Life With Zest,

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