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Helping savvy professionals stay out of the danger zone. Diana Maltz is the founder of Zest for Life NYC, a business founded in 1987 with the sole aim of taking todays’ stressed out professional to a more relaxed and fully vital life! Throughout her extensive years in the health and wellness field, she assists her clients to strategize in the areas of nutrition, supplementation, and stress reduction. She also addresses ailments such as fatigue, extra weight, lack of sleep, hormonal shifts and digestive issues. Private clients are seen in her Manhattan office. She does on-site consultations with groups and corporations in the Tri-state area. These topics run a dynamic range, from Stress Management through Weight Control to preventing diseases and health deterioration (diabetes, cancer, etc.) One-on-one clients are helped to identify their cluster of symptoms and create a personalized plan. A 15-minute complementary phone consultation is offered. Join the health conversation on the blog: http://zestforlifenyc.com/ or for your unique plan, contact diana@zestylifenyc.com.

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