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It is finally getting warm and I am so excited about all the activity! I love picnics, parties, seeing family and friends and travel. We have some great trips to look forward to. I just went to Buffalo NY, Miami is next then Fort Worth, Orlando and in the fall, Zurich.

I teach fitness, and keeping in shape is so much more fun in the warm weather and I do push myself with the nice weather. I have a great life! My birthday comes amongst all the excitement, and so I have been doing some reflection and contemplating on how to look and feel 10 years younger. I’m a little shocked by the number, so I am sharing with you my plan and will suggest these steps to my clients. Who doesn’t want to look and feel fabulous especially in the summer?

Step 1: Make a decision to get healthy and stay healthy. Do not get carried away by all the festivities. It is very difficult to get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat when we dine out so often. In addition, in the summer, We tend to eat more, try new foods and drink more. Consider this: just one beer every day can add a pound every 10 days. That can really add up.  Decide to omit one indulgence every day that adds 300 calories and you have LOST 1 GREAT pound every 10 days! How easy is that? (My indulgence was always a peanut butter cup.)

Step 2: Commit to filling in those gaps with a good supplement program. What to take? So many years ago, I had a very dramatic change in my health when I started on a Shaklee supplement program. I was a very unhealthy nurse in my 20’s, getting the flu more often than I was well. A very kind person had me fill out an assessment of symptoms and recommended a Shaklee program based on what my body was telling me. What was profound about that exercise was I gained knowledge about some amazing natural options.

I regularly refer back to that assessment to see what I can do naturally for pain, allergies, PMS. Over the past 28 years, the results from supplements surpassed my expectations.

Step 3: Reset your body in 5 days. We all get off track and then we don’t feel good in our clothes, we have pain, we think foggy, or can’t sleep well. Having experienced a reset,  I can say I just love how I feel by day two. This 5-day reset allows you to reduce cravings and get rid of that bloat while feeling satisfied! You drink 3 Shaklee Life Plan Smoothies a day and take the Vitalizer Strip plus graze on vegetables, fruit and some protein. It’s only 5 days and it just turns your life right around again!

Step 4: Get into action. No matter how busy you are, plan your exercise time. It isn’t selfish or a time waster. We now know how vital it is to walk, run, bike, play tennis, and do cardio types of exercise everyday. Keep moving. Your heart muscle loves to be challenged so it can stay strong. Resistance exercises add skeletal muscle and can be as easy as planks, wall squats, wall push ups, the triceps dip exercise on a chair. Also, yoga is fabulous because it uses your own body weight to build muscle. Even if you do exercise a little now, continually challenge yourself. It is not only good for the body, it is good for the mind!

Olympian Margaux Isaksen is an example of doing these steps. She is on the Shaklee Pure Performance Olympic team going to Brazil this summer. She eats well and takes Shaklee’s pure products that give her the cutting edge for the world sports stage.


We all have our dream of getting to the next level in our lives. Why not give your body the best food, supplements and activity so you can do and feel your best?

I love helping people achieve their next level of health. Contact me for more info on how I can help you!

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I’m looking for an entrepreneur who has dedication and passion for helping others. This can lead to Shaklee Star treatment, gifts, and recognition in Orlando during the global Shaklee Live Event in August. I am looking for someone who is ready NOW! Contact me to get started. #LiveAmazing #ShakleeEffect

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“Where there’s a will, there’s a waistline” is my tag line. When I say that, it always gets a laugh of recognition.

Where is your will in the warm weather? Is it as focused when you are at the beach as when you are at a Happy Hour, or beach party or any summer celebration?

Here are some reasons that might be holding your will back and some tips of how to overcome them:

  1. Stop focusing on a quick weight loss or the newest boost your metabolism pill. With that mindset, the weight always seems to come back. Instead focus on continually tweaking your lifestyle, and then the weight will come off naturally.
  2. “It’s too hot to exercise.” Drink a yummy glass of Shaklee Orange Performance electrolytes with a stick of Pomegranate Energizing Tea for a rejuvenating boost.
  3. I don’t know about you, but by the time I’m done tweaking my eating, I’ll be 124 years old! In the meantime, I have some healthy fast-food to recommend: Shaklee 180 Mango Smoothee combined with fresh apricots, 180 Snack Bar, my favorite is the Chocolate Coconut or 180 Snack Crisps, which goes well with guacamole or hummus!
  4. Another simple tip, rather than having a cold one, with countless calories, have a glass of ice-cold water with a lemon, or cucumber wedge – the idea is to drink ½ of your body weight in water!
  5. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. We all love ice cream, but it adds unwanted weight very quickly. So next time, make your own popsicle with Shaklee Orange or Lemon-Lime Performance hydration drink!

As a final tip, reboot your body NOW. Join our Summer 5-Day Boost Program, starting July 7th, but you MUST sign-up by June 30th. For more information, visit our website.

Live life with Zest.



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